Tom Garrett, Member of the Stupid Party

You know the saying, the Republicans are the Stupid Party. We all know it’s true. Just look at this retard jaboni, Tom Garrett.

And people wonder why the Republican Party of Virginia struggles to win in the Commonwealth. From promoting unwinnable (and totally unlikable) hatchet-faced pariah Ken Cuccinelli to 100-IQ (that’s being generous) simpletons like Tom Garrett, no wonder they can only control the House and barely the Senate. It won’t matter much in the future anyway, not with demographic displacement transforming the state into California.

I was unaware of Representative Garrett until after the recent Charlottesville event.

After the car incident in Charlottesville, Garrett did his best Jonathan Edwards impersonation and called for the Dodge Challenger driver to be executed or languish until death in prison. Pic below related.

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#Brave. Fuck Due Process, Tommy.

Now, I highly doubt Rep. Garrett would say anything even close to this had a Muslim terrorist set off some nail bombs during an Ariana Grande concert in the 5th Congressional District. He wouldn’t even say something like this if a member of BLM murdered some cops (think 2016 Dallas police shooting).

But back to his idiotic tweet endorsing antifa (note: the Twitter account is his campaign account and connected to his congressional run). Just based on the wording in the tweet, I doubt this guy graduated from law school – he can’t really be this dumb, right? Maybe it’s just some kid running and bungling his election campaign’s social media. Whoever it is, they tried to cover his tracks and say the tweet was just one big (unfunny) joke when based Indian, Dinesh D’Souza,‏ called him out on it.

A professional campaign.

Just sad. Or, an epic troll that got synced up to his election website. Either way, it’s pretty clear the transplanted Georgian should leave Virginia politics behind.

For Tommy’s (and his campaign team) edification and education, here are those peaceful antifa demonstrators.