Heritage Not Hate?

The cliff notes to the modern, acceptable narrative of North/South history goes something like this: prior to 1865 the South was dominated by spiteful, white capitalists who out of pure greed and racism enslaved the negro. The enlightened North embarked upon a holy crusade in order to free the slaves and purify the South of bigotry and racism. After the North did what needed to be done, the South naturally remained economically and educationally deficient- after all, only ignorant, toothless hicks could ever be racist or practice slavery. So, their lack of economic prowess was really very understandable. During the 20th century, the North had to once more step in and physically force the South to integrate her schools. It was for their own good after all. Ever since then, the recalcitrant South has been the backwater of America; a place which Northeastern progressives will ever be able to righteously look down upon and sadly shake their pious heads.

How do a great many Southerners respond to this? Well, first there’s some mumbling about how the Confederacy wasn’t racist or supremacist, how blacks died by the millions in service to the army of the Confederacy, how the war wasn’t about slavery, etc.. Then, they might even throw out how their grandma told them they’re a quarter Cherokee; so it’s clearly not possible that they could be racist, being half injun and all. Finally, they will very often end this self-abasement with something along the lines of “Me loving the Confederacy is about heritage not hate.”

Heritage. Not. Hate. Has a more reconstructed phrase ever been uttered by a Southerner? Speaking directly to the reconstructed cuckfederate, let’s consider the realistic narrative for just a minute: Your nation was invaded and conquered by the Puritan Yankees (and their off-the-boat cannon fodder) in what could be considered the first major solidification of the American Empire. After being conquered, your nation was brutally exploited by these very same busy-body Yankees under the guise of Reconstruction. The progressives were not content with just keeping the South under their thumbs economically; first they freed the negroes, then gave them the vote, and then nearly a century later forced Southern children to integrate with them at bayonet point.

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American Empire: Freedom Edition.

For a century and a half, these Progressives have crushed your people both socially and economically. Your people are over-represented in the Armed Forces, and even after returning home from “defending freedom”, missing limbs and all, they are spit upon by Leftists. They have made you the butt-end of every stupid redneck joke and cast you as every backwoods villain in a horror movie. They laugh at your “backwards” desires for things like traditional family values, gender roles, and religion. Yet, after all this, you feel the need to accept their twisted paradigm. You think rolling over and showing your belly while whining “heritage not hate” is going to make them despise you any less or accept you as a real American? Get real. They will never accept you, and would actually be happier if you and your children were dead.

What you need to realize is that in the end, whether the Confederacy was or was not “racist” will not make a lick of difference in terms of how these people treat you. Your self-abasement and attempts to convince them that you really aren’t racist means nothing. The swanky, Harvard elite hate you, and that will never change. No matter what you say or do, no matter how many “heritage not hate” rebel flag designs you put as your cover photo on Facebook or “Proud to be an American” bumper stickers you slap on your truck – they will always hate you. Capitulation to the Progressive narrative in any way means that you have already lost. A question you might ask yourself if you fall into this cuckfederate camp is: Why do you care so much what a bunch of Godless people, who live a thousand miles away, and advocate for the total normalcy of children being put on hormones blockers and turned into trannies think about you?

If you want to ponder along the cowardly and dishonest path of claiming to love your heritage while simultaneously spitting on it, then go right ahead. You will be on the wrong side of history. There are still plenty of unreconstructed Southerners and allies across the continent who wont cry when a Leftist calls them racist. You should be well aware of the consequences should we fail though. I would ask you to look at South Africa, which had a Jim Crow analogous Apartheid system in order to keep the whites and the blacks separate. Since Apartheid ended a bit over twenty-five years ago, the progressive and black-run government of South Africa has done nothing to stop the skyrocketing murders and rapes of white South Africans. Their current black African president’s campaign song was called “Kill the Boer”, if that gives you any kind of idea of how much the government of SA cares about it’s white citizen victims. The progressives of the world crow in triumph as the blacks in SA seize white owned land. Do a little more research on the history of what happens in formerly white-run societies once nonwhites take power, and then answer these two questions:

1. Do progressives and people of color accept apologies, given if they are heartfelt?

2. Does it end with them just taking your flag and your monuments down?

If you think the answer to both of these questions is “yes”, then you are a cuckfederate. If you think that this article is offensive and racist, then you are a cuckfederate. If you think that you are enlightened by rejecting everything that your ancestors believed and you accept the modern guilt narratives regarding racism, then you are a cuckfederate. Keep apologizing and screeching “heritage not hate.” Keep watching blacks run a ball around, swilling cheap beer like a pig, and generally just making a fool out of yourself.

If the answer to these questions is “no”, then we and the League of the South would be happy to have you. Time is short, and none of it can be spent cowering in fear of being called racist. Stop bowing down to the progressive god of political correctness, get involved in things that really matter, and help us build a future for our posterity.


    1. i am so glad i’m not a damn cuckfederate for i’m 100% boneified good ole boy confederate i’ve posted about it. and no less than arlene barnum and me talked about this subject. she has a very interesting post about being treed. i even posted and was chastised by a quite popular name and site on facebook. for suggesting that the appeasement strategy was not working and before new orleans that everyone that could should raise and fly the confederate battle flag to be met with blow back and even given the standard list of excuses why this person and ”others” yes she said she spoke for many ”others.” it was just a list of the standard excuses that the appeasementist use here we go 1. they had a landlord who would not allow the flag to be flown yet many never tried or ask. she said some lived in apartments and they wouldn’t allow and i’m sure ”some do”and that some didn’t own there own homes again i only partially buy this. even back then the appeasement stratagist seemed to be the preferred and accepted strategy most preferred.low profile don’t offend. but it was and is a complete and total failure just look at the current state of affairs confederate looses ”statues” were rapid fire one after the other especially after the complete and total confederate defeat at the battle of new orleans but one woman miss arlene barnum had counseled to fly the confederate flag always no matter what. she correctly said that not flying hadn’t and wouldn’t get us any where she was 100% right even though there were still those that wanted to continue with this policy even though it was a obvious and complete failure. but not long after the stinging and complete rout at the battle of new orleans miss ”arlene barnum” our fearless leader for all thing’s confederate led her small but determined group into the great state of Texas for a rally in the city of Houston. once there miss Arlene and her group were met by some one from a texas milita a ”leader” who started laying down a bunch of rules and regulations of the failed defeatist strategy telling miss arlene she and only she of her small group would be allowed to present and display the confederate flag !! they never learn anyhow were down the road defeat after defeat new orleans was just the start, after the tragic disaster at charlottesville, virginia, annapolis m.d.,austin tx.,baltimore md.,bradenton fla.,brroklyn n.y.,daytona beach fla.,durham n.c. mob rule.,duke chapel nc.,franklin ohio you get the point loss, after loss the one ”small” victory was nashville tn.,gen. N.B. FORREST BUST gets to stay for now. in the wake of these repeated and devastating looses i have repeatedly called for everyone who can to raise our beautiful banner the confederate battle flag after all what can they do to punish us threaten to take our statues and monuments ??? wait there already doing that we got nothin to loose resits fly the flag if nothing else to protest these historical statue snatching madmen and women. and i know there are still many in the failed appeasement policy camps who will find fault and condemn us. but i know some will not, for one ”arlenearmy” barnum and ”Black rebel” and there are surely others i failed to mention no offense. for there is no time to waste and everything to loose rally round the colors Ladies and Gentlemen for at this point we can afford no more retreat. !!!

  1. Heritage not Hate is the well-meaning statement of a Southerner who wants to continue on being proud he is a subject of The Yankee Empire.

  2. In the 1970s – South Africa lead the world in open-heart
    surgery. The white part did, that is.
    40 years later it’s down the toilet with black rule.
    It’s coming here – correction, it’s here now.