Dixian Ethno-Nationalism, or Dixianism

It does not adequately describe us to simply identify as altright or white nationalist. While it is true that our primary identity is based on our peoplehood rather than ideology, it is still expedient to be able to articulate an ideology. Unlike liberals, trucons and libertarians, we are a people that possesses an ideology rather than an ideology that possesses a people. Our ideology is necessarily Dixian-ethnocentric or it is worthless, without saltiness, to be trampled underfoot . Its tenets must at least stand up to the simple test:

Is it good for the long term interest of the Dixian people?

At this point few clear thinking Dixians (aka Southerners) within our movement are going to take issue with the following premises:

  1. We must practice Dixian racial and ethnic centrism or ‘Dixie First’ mentality over multiculturalism, racial equality or ‘universal values’ to be imposed upon other nations around the world (and are being imposed upon us). We reject so called civic nationalism and proposition nationalism as false and destructive. The only true nations are based on common blood and culture.
  2. We must achieve international recognition of the Dixian people as a distinct race and ethnic group, a true nation.
  3. We must achieve international recognition of the land of Dixie as our rightful territorial claim, including the right to physically defend it from invasion, whether it be overt or insidious.
  4. We must achieve international recognition of our national sovereignty within Dixie, our homeland. 
  5. We must maintain above replacement fertility of our own racial stock. We cannot preserve our race or culture with somebody else’s babies. 
  6. We must institute adequate measures to preserve the Dixian race.
  7. We must reinstate patriarchy in a hetero-cis normative culture, embracing differences between the two sexes in form, psyche and function. 
  8. We must preserve Christianity as the dominant religion, with priority over other religions/nonreligions in public matters. 
  9. We must preserve our agrarian, land based culture as dominant, never to be overshadowed by urban or alien culture. While industrial centers, ports and cities meet many material needs, the farm, the homestead and the small town are our natural habitat and cultural base.
  10. We must institute some form of meritocratic hierarchy in the place of egalitarian democracy as we know it in practice today. Men are not created equal and are not equally qualified to vote or otherwise decide policy. 

Perhaps the above statements may be summed up as:

This is our land and we’re going to keep it. We’re going to govern ourselves and we’re going to have our own children.

Given the current, quickly worsening political climate and the racial characteristics at play, it is a genocidal act to deny us any one of these needs. The US Constitution is hostile to many of these needs and does little to protect any of them. These needs may be thought of as tenets of an ideology that is fundamentally different from American liberalism, conservatism and libertarianism and will be attacked by representatives from their respective political parties. By being Dixian-centric it is fundamentally different from any ideology that has or could ever be dominant in an egalitarian democracy apart from a plurality of Dixian people, among whom it is natural and organic.

Excepting the most thoroughly reconstructed circles, it is unlikely that many Dixians will have a problem with any of these tenets and these tenets are a fundamental breakdown of how we are different from the prevailing ideological camps that currently take up most of the political space in America. So they should do much more unifying than dividing among us while cutting at the heart of what divides us from today’s mainstream.

Any future arguments over tax policy, spending policy, banking policy, trade policy, arguments over individual rights, states’ rights, environmental concerns, or whether we have a monarchy or a republic, a US style congress or a UK style parliament are all secondary to these core tenets. At the present I cannot think of any legitimate future debates that would deny or contradict any of these tenets, though in rare cases we might perhaps be faced with a tradeoff between one tenet and another. 

It is only reasonable to suspect that Dixian ethno-nationalism, perhaps better shortened to Dixianism, will evolve new tenets, that the aforementioned tenets will become better articulated and that as the movement grows we will eventually have camps that separate into X Dixianism and Y Dixianism. But our primary ideological grouping is Dixianism vs antiDixianism, which includes liberalism, ‘true conservativism’ and libertarianism. We will never win many recruits from liberalism, but there are many who have previously identified as conservatives or libertarians but realize that resisting our own genocide trumps arguments over economic policy or individual rights. 

While Dixian is a racial/ethnic identity, we can say that an antiDixian Dixian, or one who is overall hostile to Dixianism is by definition a traitor and not a true Dixian.


  1. I am a northerner (Michigan) Libertarian. You keep listing Libertarians as one of the opposing groups to Dixianism, but I don’t think there should be such a clash between our two viewpoints. I think you should fight for your own interests. Clearly there is a unifying culture across the south, so it makes sense you should fight to preserve that rather than letting the coastal liberals try to define everything.

    1. Dear Peter – in traditional Southern Culture, now embracet by the youth of the new Alt-Right, libertarianism is seen as just as dangerous an enemy to Dixie, just as is the burgeoning Stalinist style government of the Federal Government, and it’s many corporate and academick proxies, in this society.

      The reason for that is that libertarianism has, in The South, always been embracet within the concept of racial nationalism – or, if you prefer, it is something we, The White Southern Race, extend only to ourselves, but not to others – and particularly NOT the right of others to come and go as they please.

      To be clear, Dixie has quite a bit of libertarianism to it, but, always in a subordinate context to Kith & Kin and what is local.

      I hope this helps you.

  2. Will DNA guidelines be made? A lot of people who are not living
    in the South would agree to the outline and be willing to live by it.

    Could the non southerners be treated as residents and not
    citizens? We are now living in a landmass called the US, where
    our lives are run by people we generally disagree with… I would
    be much happier to live in a country where I had no vote but
    rather shared the ideals of the people who were in charge.

    1. I am late to this thread. However, as a Northerner from exactly the same Colonial ethnic stock as the classic Southerner, I believe that we Northerners must not live in the South. It would be acceptable only if the New Confederacy were expanded to include parts of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Missouri. Northern Kentucky probably always has had more in common with S. Illinois and S. Indiana than, say, the Deep South. However, i suspect a New Confederacy would be smaller than the original, probably limited to the Deep South states( possibly including N. Florida), Arkansas and Tennessee.

  3. While true this amounts to navel-gazing idiosyncrasy. The world doesn’t want to recognize Whites, White nations, or white sub-groups/ethnicities EXCEPT as they may do so in order to undermine White civilization as a whole! A large part of that coming from one group over others yet still geostrategically most know it is in the interest of their oftentimes fairer-skinned ruling classes to keep the Whites nations down to maintain their petty little grips on power. Extreme purists on their other hand be they NeoNutzis, Confederates or “Regionalist” Eco-bozos (who are usually Controlled Opposition promoting ludicrous unachievable goals -sometimes Feds, sometimes Russians and sometimes Soros/other) are in effect Enabling the Third Worldists “Sure! Sure You can have Nogger Kingdom OVER THERE! We’re not RACIST! Like those YANKEES!” … ignoring the fact you, I and everyone knows they won’t STAY _OVER THERE_ unless they are _KEPT_ _OVER THERE_ _BY FORCE._

    Yes it’s part economic. Part of it is capitalism. Another more fundamental part is human greed and subhuman folly. That shit doesn’t go away for wishing, debating, agreeing or silencing! Dixie has no answer to that! International recognition now is too little too late. What kind of deal do you think the US as a whole is getting or could get from the UN, much less some smaller, less-powerful and more politically-independent units/states? Think again Dixie. What do you have to offer them, really? Gibs? Ok. Why not stay in the Union? You don’t want empire? You have to defeat a world of them before you get to make that choice. Starting with the one at home, and ending in Asia and Middle East. They want what you have. What do you have to offer them? A peace they can get by invading or subverting your state anyway? Your offer is too generous; they’ll take it all, thanks.

    #JustRacistYankeeThings #YankeesRRealRacists #NewDiverseSouth #NewDiverseWorldSaysOldSouthThankYouCuckily