Brother Wars

When the statue in Durham was pulled down by the amalgamation of brown people, nosebergs, soibois and blue haired feminists the other day, I was angry.  The state, city, local police, no one with any ability or authority to stop the mob even bothered to stop it.  Since then, everything is being torn down, torn apart, burned, stabbed, beaten, so on and so forth.  Seeing this statue torn down in North Carolina with no resistance at all woke my dad up.  I’m still trying to make sure he doesn’t cuck on things, but that’s something to work on, it never happens all at once.  My uncle was awoken by this as well.  We have ancestors, four of them, who fought for the Confederacy, one of which died for the cause -all the while, seeing the statue ripped down with no votes or attempts to stop the communist criminals. But, its bringing people to us.  I would rather it not be that way, but that’s just what it is.

My cousin, may God bless and forgive him, went into full “tear them all down, dumb participation trophies”.  This devolved from here, with his shitlib friends, who only care about economics, arguing history with people who did research on their family history.  His response was, as expected, “that’s some interesting family history there.”  My cousin’s reaction is largely a result of being displaced and having no identity in this terrible atomized world.  My uncle and my cousin having always been distant from the family, this may very well have been predictable.

A few hours later, my father posted something on Facebook about this and another relative of ours was listing all the degenerate causes she tries to advance.  I don’t really care much about that and I’m not going to remove a relative for that kind of thing, but the consistent insinuation was that those who want to keep the statues and history of the Confederacy, which her ancestors also died for, were all “evil racists”.  “I highly doubt they’ll be coming for grave markers”, she responded (my shitlib brother liked the post).  Since then, that’s what they’ve done. Talk of digging up graves has been going on for a few months now. First I recall seeing this was from some (((noseberg))) on the Orlando Sentinel website.

My brother’s shitlib fiancée is on team “tear ’em all down”.  He will stand with her before his blood. We’re coming into these dark times of future brother wars.  As things continue to heat up and accelerate its only going to get worse.  I keep seeing people post about “Lets just move them to the museum where they can be protected and enjoyed” and then see articles that the Smithsonian is having to refuse demands to remove statues.

This breaks my heart. Seeing men who could and should be Southern Gentlemen not only not defending the honor of their ancestors, but actively insulting it hurts me in a deep way I cannot express properly.  It hurts my Father. It hurts my Uncle. It hurt my Grandfather and Grandmother when they found out as well.

The ideology that the iconoclasts push is hollow of real conviction.  But he is still my brother.  And he is still my cousin.  I love them, of course, but cannot stand idly by while they follow this suicidal path of trying to appease those who care little to none or are even objectively hostile to them.  I only hope and pray that they may be roused from this slumber before the world comes for us entirely.

I’m seeing grave markers stolen, small memorials (not grand statues, plaques) removed over where mass graves are.  I believe this is the beginning of our struggle here to persevere through another Reconstruction.  I hope and pray to All Mighty God we survive and come out better and stronger.  Stay safe brothers.

-By Nathaniel


  1. Dear Nathaniel,
    Though watching these things transpire is gallingly difficult, it is the best for our people, because they won’t stop their morphick Yankee-Doodly-Dandy dreams without it.

    Kudos to The Left – they keep doing what we cannot for ourselves…

  2. And, yes, Nathaniel, we are in another ‘War of Reconstruction’.

    We won the last one – and we have to win this one…

  3. The “True-Cons” and Libertarians focus only on exonomics. Everything is not economics. We know this….but we could use a terrible economic downturn. It will push those of our people in the middle to our side