You Need to Wake Up

Today, all over the nation, anti-white city and state governments are falling all over themselves to prove how accepting they are of the left wing egalitarian religion, while your streets crumble, your borders are overrun and your children’s future goes up in smoke.

Your money is worthless and you’ve been yolked as tax cattle for the do-nothing victim classes. Your wife can’t stay at home with your children and you have to send your kids to indoctrination centers to be pumped full of cultural Marxist propaganda.

Image result for college professors liberal bias
Marxists run your colleges, this isn’t up for debate.

Left wing shock troops are flying their flag over government buildings. Your ancestors monuments are being torn down and you have to carry a weapon in most cities because you know black crime is out of control.

While you watch your nation burn all you can muster is to turn on CNN and watch white men stand up and pretend you don’t understand why they are so angry.

You post empty platitudes about some nonexistent future of kumbaya and campfires while the Left’s storm troopers march toward your city.

Image result for Antifa in Boston
Anti-Racism Protester? Gimme a break.

And for all your trouble, you get told your slated for extinction. You watch as talking heads boast gleefully about the newest study saying whites are bound for the graveyard and how they deserve it anyways. You see your people sink into despair and alcoholism and opiate abuse as the civilization that their forefathers built sinks into chaos.

Your virtue signaling got you nothing. There is no point when we will be equal enough for the Left. This doesn’t stop. There is no point in time when you can shake off the original sin of being born white. Your children and their children will be born with the same original sin.

They will pay dearly for it. Just like you. Unless you wake up now.


  1. I’m wide awake, and doing what I can do.

    That said, I am constrained by the many who do not wish to be ‘awakened’.

    As you know, they’ve been in the ‘me, myself, and I-mood’ for decades, and have lost the capacity to think, and or act, beyond that.

    My wife told me several years ago : ‘Junius, the old generations are shot through with pathetickness. It will take the new ones to straighten this out.’