Pavlov’s White Guilt Dog

The media is running with the “white supremacist” meme. What is a white supremacist exactly?

Is it a person that believes he’s better than others because of his genetic inheritance? I don’t know anybody that believes that in a literal sense. Is it somebody that believes their own people should retain political power in the nation they built?

I know a lot of people that believe that. The Japanese, Chinese, Indians, Mexicans, white men in Cville last weekend,just about any nation that doesn’t have European heritage is allowed to be “supremacist” in that sense of the word. And they should be.

This used to be called Nationalism, and it’s been the norm throughout history in one form or another.

But that’s not the way the media is using the phrase. It’s a stick to beat the few remaining proud white men over the head with. It’s a pry bar to separate men with truth and honor on their side, from the propagandized, guilt ridden masses.

The men that built the West will have completely lost political power in their own nations around 2040, if not before, due to mass immigration, low birth rates and “leaders” that have elected a new population.

“White supremacist” is a trigger word. You’ve been trained to feel disgust at any white men and women that still hold any racial identity while at the same time tripping over yourself to pat any non-white on the back for theirs.

Whimpering and backing into the corner at the mere mention of white identity. The hair on your back standing on end any time the media feeds you the right trigger word. Snarling and growling at the few men who have broken the conditioning. Getting thrown scraps from your own civilization,a “good boy” and a pat on the head from your leftist owners.

You’re Pavlov’s white guilt dog.