Clownworld in Charlottesville

The battle of Charlottesville dominated Western headlines and will continue to do so as lawsuits fly and a murder trial begins. It was a pivotal movement. Everybody knows about the Alt-Right now. Even if they think we’re Nazis (which is absurd), we EXIST. Don’t despair at the propaganda directed against us. This is a critical first step to educating the ignorant masses.

The MSM can’t help itself, and just like during the election, calling attention to White Nationalism can only help our cause. By hysterically pushing this new “Adolf Trump” narrative, millions of people might start browsing our sites (if they don’t get de-platformed) out of curiosity. The election really helped with that, but this could take things to a whole new level.

Republican legislators and conservative leaders now find themselves in full clown mode. They irony is delicious. A group of peaceful demonstrators protested the desecration of a monument to a national hero, instigated by a virulently anti-white elected official. They were viciously assaulted by Antifa and BLM. Whose side did these pathetic cucks take? It’s going to be very hard for them to maintain order or garner rightwing support in the coming elections. These dolts are completely out of touch. They don’t understand the consequences of endorsing violent leftists any more than they understand the electoral consequences of blocking Trump’s entire agenda, or even why he won in the first place.

Leftist insanity is virulent and perpetual. BLM and the leftist loonies have been greatly emboldened. Just like us, they have great momentum right now. They will pursue this Charlottesville outrage nationwide with the blessing of the establishment. As monuments to the Founding Fathers come under attack across the country, many outraged cucks will be forced to rethink their complacency. I can’t wait to relish their anguish. It will be very useful to our movement.

The truth is a very dangerous thing to an establishment pushing lies in order to sell absurdity. There will be a concerted push to shut us down in every way possible. Many important sites have already come under cyber-attack.

This is LATE stage clownworld. We knew it would have to happen in order to advance our agenda. Just keep the faith, and watch it implode.

-By Tom Shackleford


  1. Mr. Shackleford – all people who oppose Jewish hegemony are ‘Nazis’ – even those with Jewish blood!

    How do I know this?’

    Because Organized Jewry unwitting created ‘The Nazis’ through their usuries, usurpations, and all around diabolickry.

    Be happy that The Left (The U.S. Government) is hellbound to call all who oppose them, ‘Nazis’, because, it will quickly galvanize millions of previously ungalvanized Americans.

    Throughout 2016, They called Trump Hitler, KKK, as they continue to do – yet, they lost and he won.

    We will win – because they are evil – and when their folly is truly brought home to them, they will rue it, those of them who are left alive and in this country.

    Yes, ‘just keep the faith’ and march on!