They’re Lying to You – A Personal Account

To all my “normie” friends. I was in Charlottesville . I went there to peacefully stand for my people. Our side worked with the city, LE, and other agencies to obtain a permit, and plan a safe rally. We knew we would have to defend ourselves from antifa, literal communists, as anybody that even supports Trump has had to do for a year now.

If you turn your TV on right now that is not the story you will be told. You’ll be told that some evil “Nazis” attacked poor peaceful “anti-racists”. These are outright lies.

The media (the left) isn’t bending the truth anymore. They aren’t being slightly deceitful. They are now in the business of creating fully crafted narratives.

To even get to Lee park we had to walk a gauntlet of stick wielding, pepper spraying, violent screeching leftists. That’s just to get to the place we were legally permitted to have a perfectly legal rally.

Last week the police searched the area and found knives,clubs and chains hidden in the park by antifa to attack us with. You’ll hear no mention of any of this, or even the word antifa in the news.

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The left are dangerous, they are violent and for 100 years they have chipped away at the way of life we all knew and loved.

This is a turning point in history. Look at Europe. Look at South Africa. Look at our children being told it’s perfectly normal to remove their genitals and take life changing hormones to be the opposite sex. This is the future the left wants for WHITE countries. They don’t ask a non-European heritage nation to accept million of third worlders, accept degeneracy or for the nations founders to be guilty for their achievements. Only in white countries is this happening.

Your civilization is near death. When you watch the coverage of white men standing up and saying enough, when you watch us be demonized for wanting to survive as a race and civilization, remember, that hate you see from the left is aimed squarely at you too.

We just happen to be over the target and taking flak.

– Submitted by a brave Unite the Right rally attendee.