Helicopter Mom Episode 29: Sewing Circle


Welcome to Helicopter Mom. Your hosts this week are Julia, Evelyn, and Kelly. No guest this week. We have decided to have more guest-free episodes. In this episode, we discuss how endocrine disruptors are in literally everything and you should really just burn it all down and start over. We also discuss frugality among other things. In the third section of the show, Julia and Evelyn debate whether street activism is a masculine role before we move on to topics such as leftist ideas floating around the alt right and sewing basics.

Our segments this week were Mom Talk with NaCl Wife (Nikko), and the Recipe of the Week, by Julia.

Please know, dear listeners, that we appreciate you. We’d love your feedback. Email us at Helicoptermompodcast@gmail.com

Recipe of the Week: 30 Minute Pretzels

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Helicopter Mom Blog

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