6 Observations on Charlottesville From Afar

I couldn’t go to the event. My job just doesn’t make it possible. I watched it from afar, and read the accounts eagerly online from every blog I knew. I recognized some of the guys whom I’d met at the Atlanta conference over the winter and hoped for the best. Here are my observations:

1) This battle received GLOBAL headline coverage. Of course, it was spun and unfavorable but that doesn’t matter. We’re vile monsters to begin with, so how can any coverage be more unfavorable? The most important thing for us is to reach the like-minded and those who can be converted. Many millions are stumbling out in the darkness. They just need to get the message in order to be put on the right track. The election proved that in a mighty fashion. Hillary’s campaign figured that they could put a nail in Trump’s coffin by associating him with creepy green frogs and some obscure fringe group called the “Alt-Right”. This backfired and propelled us into the mainstream zeitgeist. The audience grew exponentially. Coverage of the crazies wreaking havoc in Charlottesville will go a long way, regardless of the spin to people whose support we could never win.

2) Those who showed up displayed tremendous courage and I commend them heartily. They arrived peaceably to demonstrate for the truth, but instead had to stand against the malevolent force of the government and a menagerie of violent lunatics and subhumans. They revealed that peaceful discussion with the left or government agencies isn’t possible. It was a blueprint for the anarchy that could soon unfold. At the state and local level, the government endorsed and incited the crazies. The cucked cops, hoping for a pension and promotion, did what they were told and let it happen. We’ve seen this in BLM riots last year so it’s no surprise. It’s easy for me to say from afar because I didn’t get urine thrown in my face or hit with a brick.

Overall, a day of fine police work for law enforcement. Please clap?

3) Charlottesville and VA’s exceptionally corrupt, carpet-bagging governor (his NY accent makes me cringe) instigated this calamity. Instead of allowing a peaceful assembly, planned specifically to be nonviolent for months, also legally-sanctioned by a federal injunction, they chose to let the sparks fly. What did they think would happen if they openly enabled an Antifa attack? The helicopter crash was totally unexpected. When you open that Pandora’s Box, who knows what comes next? They have blood on their hands.

4) Lots of anti-Alt Right virtue signaling is coming from the cucks. Just like the cops, they think that they can go along to get along. Just get back to “Game of Thrones”, cut the lawn, and wait till sportsball season starts. We all know many like this, and have often had to disguise our presence in their midst. Tow the line, get that pension (I guarantee it’s not coming) and promotion (It’s only gonna get harder) and do nothing. I’ve come to believe that it’s an incurable personality trait; you’re just born with it. They go with the flow, no matter how rotten, until it changes direction. They’re simply incapable of anything else.

5) We never needed Trump to endorse us, but constantly denouncing us as the KKK to the cucks is a totally unacceptable betrayal. At this point, the best thing Trump could do for us is to get booted out of office. Hopefully, this would throw the country into upheaval and induce a market crash. This is a real possibility, so we should do nothing to advocate for him. He has no allies in DC and now he should have no allies in the Alt-Right. Whatever happens to him, I will feel zero sympathy.

6) We spent long years in the wilderness but we couldn’t get a voice until peak degeneracy approached. This will soon be accompanied by a financial breakdown of our corrupt system. There are so many outraged whites who this crumbling country counts on to be productive, deracinated, and complacent. Every force at work in society pushes them towards us, even if they don’t want to be associated with disreputable fiends. The boomers are retiring, counting on wildly underfunded pensions. This will bring unprecedented economic difficulties while the national credit card is close to being maxed out. Upheaval is on the horizon, because the ascendant can’t be subsidized along with the elderly. We’re entering uncharted, turbulent waters. I salute everyone who bravely put themselves on the line in Charlottesville. They made a statement that will resonate more and more as our troubles mount.

-By Tom Shackleford