The Days of Infighting – MUST END

After spending an historic weekend in Charlottesville with my brothers in our first UNIFIED battle against our (((enemies))), the shabos goy, and their combatant state apparatus; as a Southern Nationalist I call for all bad blood in the greater Alt-Right movement to CEASE TODAY.

I am a ZOG military veteran. I trained with hundreds of other men when I wore the Army green, including blacks, Latinos, gays, and liberals of all stripes. When I served, I served without the nuanced understanding of ZOG that I have today. But one thing is certain, I knew instinctively what duty and honor meant. When I wore that Army green, it was my duty to stand shoulder to shoulder with men I might not otherwise like. I would take a bullet for my fellow soldier without concern for his color, his sexual orientation, his religion, or his politics.

All that mattered was the mission and we were ALL BROTHERS IN ARMS in completing that mission. Petty squabbles were for another day.

This is not a call for American patriotism. It is an explanation of the absolutely necessary culture that an movement must maintain. It must be the most cohesive machine imaginable. It must be singular in its focus and righteous in its convictions.

I am disappointed today to see second guessing and finger pointing, counter-signalling and cucking. The kinds of behaviors that can ruin this movement.

I’m also disappointed as a Southern Nationalist to see my fellow southerners continuing to wallow in divisive rhetoric directed at our non-southern allies. You may not consider yourself “Alt-Right”, but what good does it do to counter-signal the Alt-Right? You may not consider yourself an American White Nationalist, but if you consider a Südländer your brother, as you should, it is imperative that we set aside centuries old resentments in order to march hand in hand with those Northerners advocating for our statues and people.

Some of our allies would be lost if you asked them to bait a hook or skin a hog, but we’re not bass fishing or boar hunting here. Our entire heritage, legacy and future is at stake.

Think about it, the first critical and historical event of this movement was fought in Virginia, on southern soil, in Robert E Lee’s homeland, on hallowed Confederate ground. We could not and DID NOT do this on our own.

And to be quite frank, I’d walk straight into Hell with our allies.

EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU. And that includes Jason Kessler, Christopher Cantwell, Baked Alaska, Mike Enoch, and all white nationalists not affiliated with the Alt-South who stood shoulder to shoulder on this historic weekend.

Hail Victory!

We WILL Take everything back.


  1. Hello,

    I have enjoyed your writings and am in strong agreement with your position both philosophical and in implementation. You of course are extremely busy but I would wish to discuss further. Do I recall that you are in Florida? I am located in Tallahassee.

    Best regards, Martin L Vaughn ________________________________

  2. Please make a common ‘library’ collection point for all the video that was collected during the day. We know for sure that any video putting the soros commies in a bad light will be disappeared. Remember, the ONE video of the rodney king fiasco caused a city to go out of control.