Taiwan’s Ethnostate Example

In order to envision future white ethnostates, it’s helpful to examine some high functioning ethnostates in the real world. Of course, none of them currently exist for white people. However, we can still learn a lot from how they function. I enjoyed many years living in one, Taiwan.

As a primer, Taiwan is an island roughly a third the size of South Carolina. The majority of the island is composed of steep mountains. Most of the population is crammed into a thin coastal plain in the west, giving it the highest population density in the world. It’s officially the Republic of China, and the concept of nationality is inseparable from the “Zhonghua Minzu” or Chinese race. As a result, they enjoy a prosperous economy with the world’s lowest crime rate. They’re experiencing many of the challenges of modernity that plague western whites such as video game addiction (obviously much higher there) low birthrate (worse than whites) and the exultation of faggotry (not quite as bad). Fortunately for them, their homogeneity enables them to weather these storms.

Let’s start with immigration. It’s a model based on sanity. It was implemented by a government that does not seek the displacement of its own people and the general societal collapse that will soon be experienced across the West. In a place like East Asia, if you are able to work, then you are working. Able bodied non-workers generally suffer from mental illness. From this starting point, it was determined that there was a significant shortage of low-skill labor for factories and particularly caregivers for the elderly.

Thus, the government allowed the importation of labor from Indonesia, The Philippines, and Vietnam. Carefully screened workers are imported on a short term basis to fill a specific job. They cannot bring their families with them and are ineligible for subsidies. After the contract is finished, employers are required to promptly put them on a flight home. While they are in TW, strict rules govern their conduct. They must reside in company dorms and are allowed one day per week off. Unless it is a Sunday, the factory workers don’t even seem to exist. They’re busy working to send money home and mostly content with this win-win situation. If they do go out, then they must return before an early curfew. Thus, TW solved its labor problem without destroying itself.

Due to the high cost of space and careerism among women, the birthrate is FAR below replacement. One doctor estimated that the abortion rate was double the birthrate. However, the government does its best by subsidizing fertility treatments, giving “baby bonuses” and constantly harping on family formation. When I would discuss the birthrate with Taiwanese, they’d shrug and basically say “there’s gonna be a lot less people here in 30 years”. The idea that they’d make themselves a minority in their homeland was so insane they never contemplated it. In the future, elderly Taiwanese will receive fewer benefits and the young will have to contribute more, but also enjoy far lower housing costs. It will still be TW.

In terms of drugs, penalties are severe and foreign criminals are not tolerated. When you step off the airplane, you’re greeted with a sign in big letters “Drug trafficking is punishable by death in the ROC”. It’s meant for a deterrent effect but it accurately conveys the sentiment. For example, I knew a Canadian who thought that weed wasn’t a big deal and grew it in his house. He’d meet with another stoner buddy in a park and smoke every day at 4pm. The police conducted a surveillance operation to catch them. After the arrest, they discovered the plants. He’s now doing a lengthy prison sentence after which he will be immediately deported.

Taiwanese are extremely race conscious without ever really needing to examine or articulate their opinions. This is one of the many benefits of living in a homogeneous society. If you’re white, they often give pretty deferential treatment. I know guys who have lived in TW for decades married to Taiwanese women without ever learning Chinese beyond a smattering of phrases. Nobody expects them to because they’re “waiguoren” (foreigners). Their identity is defined exclusively by their race and not their place of residence or spouse. They’re simply permanent residents, never citizens.

Western born Chinese frequently have a harder time fitting in. This is because they are often unable to speak their ethnic language. In cosmopolitan society, this is accepted. However the average Taiwanese tends to find it bizarre and disconcerting that a Chinese person can’t speak Chinese. To them, it’s almost like a dog that can’t bark.

One of the biggest perks is the near total absence of POCs. They don’t exist essentially beyond a handful of college scholarship students from African countries that give diplomatic recognition in exchange for free shit. There’s no law against hiring an American negro as an English teacher, it’s just that VERY few schools are willing to do so. I remember having a conversation with one POC who actually did get hired. He had recently moved in with some white (almost always shitlib) English teachers. He had noticed that the residents of his neighborhood had started to conduct citizen patrols at night. He was irritated that people would hiss at him and mutter what he assumed were racist phrases. Most alarmingly, someone had chucked a potted plant at him from an upper floor window while he was walking down the street.

A homogeneous society of people with a high average IQ pays enormous dividends. It’s safe to walk anywhere at any time. All public facilities can be fully enjoyed by the public. I could have a beer in a park at 2am with my friends. We’d watch old people do weird Chinese exercises and college girls ride around unescorted on bikes. Nobody had the slightest concern about being assaulted by a mob of niglets group of teens. Their transportation puts America to shame. The island is connected by a high speed rail line that links directly to the subway systems of the two biggest cities on either ends of the island. These subways are state of the art, cheap and spotless. I recently had the misfortune of riding the DC metro. It’s literally 3rd world. The Taipei metro is StarTrek in comparison.

Other dividends are healthcare and taxes. Both are cheap because Taiwanese only need to subsidize the elderly of their own race. For example, I had a dental visit where I got x-rays and a minor filling by a dentist who got his degree from Columbia (not the country). Under their single payer system, my copay for the whole thing was 5 dollars. My monthly premium was low enough for me not to bother looking at it. A white society could easily have something like this, yet we pay so much more and receive far less in return than people in a place like TW. The enormous cost of subsidizing our 3rd world population is bleeding us dry.

One reason east Asia has fared so much better than the west is that Jews don’t look like them even slightly, they’re just white foreigners to an Asian. Thus, their institutions can’t be hijacked by the tribe and their countries placed on an obvious path to suicide. I’d frequently have conversations with Taiwanese curious about the Middle East. They were mystified as to why the US would waste trillions of dollars and send so many soldiers to die for things that were of no benefit to America. They found it baffling, and nearly all Americans would too if they hadn’t been brainwashed by Jewish media.

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Gaming is a big part of the culture there. So, in order to explain the Jewish orchestrated demise of the current West to them I’d use a gaming analogy: the zombies from the “Half Life” series. In the game, an alien “crab” attaches itself to a healthy person’s head, turning them into crazed, violent monsters bent on suicide. In this analogy, the head crab represents Jews and the host zombie is the West. They understood the analogy, but still had a hard time separating “Jewish” from “white”. They also had a hard time believing that one small group of people could be so insidious. It reminded me of why it’s extremely hard to make a Westerner aware of Jewish malevolence. It does sound comical. That’s why people recoil at the notion even when they’re constantly bombarded with evidence.

They’ve proven susceptible to some Jewish championed ideas, such as how wonderful it is for two butt buddies to marry each other. However, little else seems to have sunk in. I think it’s their mindset that allows them to hold disaster at bay. For example, a government decision to airlift the population of Somalia into its country to live off the citizen’s tax dollars and create mayhem. It’s just such an absurd policy that it would never enter the Chinese mind. There are many Asians who have a high opinion of whites, but also think that white people have some level of inherent craziness to them. To be honest, I have trouble finding fault with that sentiment.

As we all know, race is real and genetics play a big role in behavioral differences between groups. For example, I’ve observed that the Chinese have both a predilection for common sense (i.e. the immigration issues I’ve discussed) and horrendous driving. Yep it’s not a stereotype. To illustrate, when confronted with a blind turn, a Chinese driver will take it fast and position himself either in the middle or on the wrong side of the road. I could write a book about the carnage I’ve seen on Taiwanese roads. It’s so bad that the local news even plays a highlight reel of it every night.

For a high average IQ race (whites/East Asians), the ethnostate is the only model that can sustain itself. Anything else is a recipe for the sort of strife and dysfunction which has propelled the current West into a death spiral. Lesser races such as blacks will always live under primitive and violent conditions. The ethnostate concept isn’t a model for them because they can’t sustain a state. At best, they can practice subsistence agriculture in a place. Something as large or complex as a technologically advanced nation is impossible for them. This is why our societies can never survive and thrive unless they’re exclusively for us. East Asians were fortunate enough not to have that brainwashed out of their heads. This is precisely why they’ve avoided the upheaval that we’re going through.  In the future, we should draw lessons from these outposts of sanity as we carve new places for our people out of the wreckage of our old civilization.

-By Tom Shackleford

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