Helicopter Mom Episode 28: Practically Perfect, Inter-generaional Perspective

Welcome to Helicopter Mom. Your hosts this week are Julia, Rachel, Evelyn, and Kelly. Our guest this week is Practically Perfect, here to give us the perspective of an older generation.


In the first section of the show, we briefly discuss people’s trust in their perceived “betters” before moving on to Dr. Spock, parenting in recent decades, our culture of having to make sure no one ever has to feel bad, and more. In the second section, we discuss strategies for discussing sex and puberty with your kids, birth control, and associated things like abortion. We run a little long in the third section. We start with Based Bible, followed by a discussion on being a beacon in your community to draw others to God, before moving on to a bit of listener mail that takes us into some autistic debates, Rachel’s DNA results, and finally some more lighthearted conversation.

Our segments this week were Kelly’s Lost Lessons of Ladyhood, the Recipe of the Week, by Julia, and Based Bible, by Rachel.

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Recipe of the Week: Julia’s Slow Cooker Pot Roast

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