Feminism’s Negro Experiment

The American Civil Rights movement lasted from 1954 to 1968 – culminating with forced integration and never before seen welfare programs, along with the assassination of one of the Left’s greatest martyrs, Martin Luther King Jr. While most of these new programs and legislative acts were proposed by-then President Kennedy he didn’t live long enough to see most of his ideas put into law. With the Pioneer of the “New Frontier” having been killed, it was up to Lyndon Johnson and his “Great Society,” which we live in today. To understand the problems, we face as white Americans and, especially Southerners, we need a brief lesson in true negro history to see how the downfall of the black community after the Civil Rights movement affects us today.

From the early colonial days to December 18, 1865, when the 13th Amendment of the Constitution was ratified, the negro race had always been under heavy intrusion from the ruling government. After this long period of living a heavily restricted life, the black family saw the biggest economic and social boom the world itself had ever seen. Blacks went from having a heavily controlled lifestyle from the ruling powers, to owning their own homes, building their own communities, having their own businesses and churches. Everything a people needs, the black man got it and lived a pretty good life until the start of the Civil Rights movement.

The negro community had less than 90 years to build a strong community and live a life largely free from government intrusion and made the best of those few years. So, what ended the boom of prosperity for the black community? Most folks will tell you it was (and still is) evil racists that keep the black man down.  In fact, that’s what our children get hammered into their heads for eight hours a day, five days a week at public school.

The reality of it is this: Second-Wave Feminism, lasting from about 1961 until the early 1980’s, ushered into existence a new ongoing period of federal government intrusion into the black family unit – by not only co-opting the Civil Rights movement, but also riding on the coat tails of the movement for racial “equality.”

One such radical feminist and journalist, (((Gloria Steinem))), wrote a piece titled ‘After Black Power, Women’s Liberation’ – which makes sense seeing how great the modern black man treats women. But that’s beside the point. In said article she doesn’t speak much of the negro civil rights movement at all, what a surprise, right? Just a bunch of communist nonsense like this – “Discussions include the parallel myths about women and Negroes (that both have smaller brains than white men, childlike natures, natural “goodness,” limited rationality, supportive roles to white men, etc.); the paternalistic family system as prototype for capitalistic society (see Marx and Engels); the conclusion that society can’t be restructured until the relationship between the sexes is restructured.” Not only was Steinem a vocal rider of the proverbial coat tails of civil rights activists, she was also arrested some years later (in 1984) for disorderly conduct while protesting against the just South African apartheid system.

(((Heather Booth))) (what a surprise another one) was also another large voice within the Civil Rights and feminist movement – her career in being a lefty egalitarian piece of garbage started while she was still in high school where she joined C.O.R.E (Congress of Racial Equality) to protest discrimination in the South, another Yankee sticking their nose in our business. In 1963, she continued this false crusade for equal rights and joined the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC). Booth soon started protesting school segregation within the city of Chicago, she also helped coordinate freedom school in Chicago’s southside. Booth, now another head honcho for the Civil Rights and feminist movement, was recruited to volunteer for “Freedom Summer” – where Yankee filth dared to cross the Mason-Dixon line to get blacks registered to vote and to help create more freedom schools in Mississippi. As for her work in feminism, Booth arranged illegal abortions for women on campuses – this is where she started The Jane Collective.

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The nose knows.

Who knows how many deaths from complications of such illegal procedures occurred. The Jane Collective was disbanded after Rowe v. Wade. In 1969, Booth joined five other women and founded the Chicago Women’s Liberation Union, an organization that preached radical feminism and engaged in communist propaganda and were affiliated with foreign communist parties and various radical Black Power groups.

Last, but certainly not least, and perhaps the most evil and vile woman on this list of radical feminists is (((Betty Goldstein))) – aka Betty Friedan. She was born in 1921 and at the tail end of First Wave feminism. As a young girl she was extremely active in Jewish Marxist circles and reconciled her radical communist ideas writing that, “passion against injustice…originated from my feelings of the injustice of anti-Semitism”. In 1943, Betty started a one-year internship in psychology under (((Erik Salomonsen))) aka Erik Erikson (Isn’t it strange that they usually change their name?). During this time though, Friedan became more politically active within Marxist groups with many of her cohorts under investigation by the FBI.

In 1963, she wrote The Feminine Mystique – the whole book is psychobabble on how the roles of women are equally important to men, thus meaning women are just as capable as men in any form of work or career path. This book is cited by historians to have conjured up the Second Wave feminist movement and inspiring all the activists mentioned above, as well as others. Friedan co-founded and become the first president of N.O.W (National Organization for Women) – Friedan was the biggest voice within the feminist movement and wrote articles and a few other books. She lobbied for feminist positions in front of Congress; she also helped organize The Women’s Strike for Equality where she lead a group of some twenty thousand women demanding equal opportunities in education and the work place. Predictably, she also advocated for abortion and affordable child care centers.

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The nose knows.

She headed up another pro-abortion group under the name of the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws, whose purpose was to end anti-abortion laws (Might as well make manslaughter and homicide legal while you’re at it) The group was re-named the National Abortion Rights Action League after Rowe v. Wade. What is it with Jews and wanting to murder babies? She, as all the examples of extremely radical feminists, was vocal for the Civil Rights movement, affordable housing and other forms of welfare (really just wealth re-distribution from the white middle-class).

As you can see, there is no denying not only the feminist infiltration of the Civil Rights movement nor the Jewish influence in both movements.

Now that they have once again intruded into the black home through lies and Marxist propaganda, we see the full destruction of one community and now it seems we’re next. The black man was only the test subject for their plans, the first thing that came from welfare programs was the removal of the black man (specifically, the father) from the black community. The men hold the community together and once all the black women discovered every aspect of their existence was subsidized, the black man was of no use to the black family.

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This wasn’t done by accident.

In the past, the black man was the only option for the black woman. The man had to be in the family because that was realistically the only option until welfare came about at the end of the Civil Rights movement. As strong as the black community was throughout the 1920’s into the 1950’s – it came crumbling down.

However, the white man is the real goal. Once they fully control every aspect of the white community and drive out the white father from the home and community – it’s over for not only our people, but every group of people on the planet. Once they get every woman on welfare and drive all the men from the home, they will have total control.

I want to live in a world where every free man can exercise his conscious. I want to live in a world where we can rid every people from this foreign (((group))). All I want is to live without the authoritarian ideas of the Jewish Marxists. While most will see this as an apologetic piece and that I’m a cuck for not being a crazed exterminationist, we must remember that these problems are not the fault of the black man. Yes, they have low agency and high time preference, but it wasn’t whites who took advantage of that – it was (((them))) and they will do the same to us.

-By Eric Goldstein


  1. Nice work. The tie between communism and the feminist/civil rights movement is so important for people to understand.

  2. 100% accurate.

    When I was in the military, I learned that the goal of Basic Training is to completely tear you down in order to build you up as a soldier.

    Much in the same way, (((our overlords))) knew when they seized control that they’d have to tear western society down to its foundations to build it up and make it Heeb friendly. The goyim know.