By the Grace of God

Most of us are familiar with the phrase, “American by birth, Southern by the grace of God.” The meaning is rather simple: we are born American citizens, but through seemingly sheer luck, we are fortunate enough to call the South our home. For me there exists a sort of profound beauty in this — more so, I imagine, than for most. I was born to young, unmarried parents in Chicago, and was given up for adoption. Throughout my entire life, I’ve called Florida home (literally and figuratively; I have never lived anywhere else).

My parents, who adopted me at birth and raised me as their own, have lived most their lives in various parts of the South, but they hail from New England. Both are only the second generation to be born in America: my father’s family lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and my mother’s in Bound Brook, New Jersey. By blood I am Croatian, Russian, and Welsh; by family I am Czech, German, English, and Italian.

It may seem like a laundry list, and it’s meant to: this is only a fraction of the chaos that is my heritage. I know little of my genetic history and the cultures whose blood I carry, and having been raised around my Italian relatives, what I do know of my blood feels distinctly foreign. I had never been able to look at photos of my ancestors and see myself in their reflection, until I visited my birth mother’s family. It was not until I met my birth parents that I could recognize my own habits and nature in a relative, or hear my voice in another. It is truly a blessing for one’s culture and traditions, heritage, and blood to coincide; if you can accurately describe your history as simply as, “I am German and Italian, and my family is from Virginia,” consider yourself lucky.

Despite the deep distinction between what I know and what I am, I feel at peace in the South; the people, the history, and the ideals that shaped it… they all resonate with me. Everyone has a place he calls home, a culture that is familiar to him, and individuals among whom he feels welcome. We have all felt an intellectual connection with a foreign place, people, or history — the pull of curiosity, perhaps — but the sentiment will always remain: through study alone the culture does not belong to us, nor we to it.

There is something to be said for one’s family history and blood; each of us carries on the legacy of our ancestors, but many reject family history in exchange for cultureless, nationless modernity. What, then, makes heritage ours? What does it mean to be Southern? There is more to it than living in the South, having Southern ancestors, or admiring Southern history, so what constitutes true belonging? It is the marriage between familiarity and blood, and a healthy balance between the two.

Consider an immigrant from Poland residing in Georgia, living in the Southern fashion and upholding Southern values. Many would consider him “more Southern” than a man whose family fought for the Confederacy, but whose life merely consists of drugs, one-night stands, and no concern for his ancestry. Similarly, what of those of Southern heritage whose families moved elsewhere before they were born? The comparison between these individuals invokes less discomfort than the comparison between a Frenchman living in Japan, and an ethnic Japanese living in Japan, for example. Clearly, a man from China cannot move to the South, only hold Chinese values and traditions, speak only Chinese, and be considered remotely Southern, no matter how well he knows the town in which he lives and the history of the Confederacy; there is no balance between familiarity and blood in this case.

I argue that the South is defined more by a cultural cohesion than an ancestral one, characterized by a majority European ethnic background for most of its history. Ideally one’s family, values, and personal history are all Southern, but many are not so fortunate.

What can be said of them? Purists would prevent all but those of Southern blood, residence, and attitude from claiming the title of “Southerner.” I do not wish to debate the right or practicality of doing so; however, I would note that in the fight to protect Confederate monuments, we would be remiss to refuse any well-intentioned help offered to us, be it from a proper Southern lady or a Ukrainian intellectual.

As for myself, I am certainly not as out of place as the Frenchman in Japan, but I admit I have some learning to do. Whether or not you consider me a “true Southerner,” I would be honored to stand with you in defense of the culture, heritage, and people that I know and love.


  1. ^ Yeah, I say the same thing about Heros Von Borcke.

    The fact of the matter is that Southern culture and Southern identity is the last holdout of implicit white identity in the USA. Any white nationalist, of sound mind, should and would support it. There is no “agitator” here, just an ally who promotes and protects Southern culture and heritage.

    1. That’s great. I really understand. I agree with a lot of the info in your posts. I’m very caution because my white protestant people and nation are being eradicated by leftist phony white Christians who infiltrated our sociopolitical institutions. Like Trump who learned the lingo of the white working class and spewed it to get elected with very few not knowing anything personal about him and his family beliefs, origins, and practices. Trump is part Jew with Jewish family members very active in his private and public life where he surrounded himself with his Jew/Jesuit kinsman. Another sad part of these white and Christian genocidal events is that the white Catholics have also been thrown under the bus by the Latin universal church consisting largely of non-whites. I hope you don’t mind this little lengthy rant of mine? Here is a little of how I see things in our world today:

      I did my research well and all roads lead to modern day pagan Judea and their kindred AshkeNazi and Sephardic central banksters behind the heathen Roman Vatican full of Bolshevik crypto-Jew mass murders who use Islam in order to help kill off white Christian western civilization.

      Rumors of Wars…Not white supremacy but white nationalism is our true cause. Don’t let our leftist enemies keep labeling us to destroy us…

      Millions of self-destructive people have jobs in the US but that doesn’t make them smart. Whites today who confuse white supremacy for white nationalism will most likely have dark skinned posterity or none at all in today’s multi-cultural Marxist landscaping.

      Most people don’t listen today because they are too busy trying to mimic the anti-white and anti-Christian music and TV personalities.

      I’m not a racist. I’m a white Christian nationalist in a struggle against other non-white enemy nationalist who are really racist against my white kindred people through their leftist theft, supplanting, malicious race mixing, and violence against us for their own tribal supremacy over our people, and nation. Anything else is just flat out enemy subterfuge. For example, I complained to McDonald’s management today of a race baiting and highly offensive multi-cultural Marxist white genocidal poster hung by their drive thru window containing a picture of a African man with anti-white Christian Rastafarian dreadlocks posing with a blond white women sitting together holding a mongrel baby. More highly offensive Jew/Jesuit facilitated anti-white supplanting and race baiting on kabbalist TV tonight where whites have become trained self-eradicating seals by mimicking African ghetto culture on stage to win prizes. How about the geeky effeminate Frazier brothers always chasing down masculine independent mined career women who be who are just regular old bed hoppers? How many have seen cop shows, soaps, and movies pushing black on white race mixing? Or the new Talmudic TV commercial with a big muscle bound white looking jarhead walking down a sidewalk lined with a Jew, black women, homosexual, and a white looking woman while praising perverse white genocidal multi-cult diversity as the new normal patriotic American way of life. Talk about anti-white Christian American leftist genocidal propaganda spread by over paid Jew/Jesuit trained seals on Kabbalist TV. Subversives and their ignorant useful idiots pushing Marxist genocidal crimes against humanity by eradicating white and Christian civilization.

      Today, more whites are being exploited for their sex and whiteness by imitating Africans by dancing to black jump rope ghetto rhymes music with the same African drumbeat = Multi-cultural Marxist indoctrination = White Genocide. Ever hear of cultural assassination or cultural appropriation?

      For example, A young white girl who lived next door went off to Job Corps Academy that is a multi-cult Marxist vocational school and then months later the leftist indoctrinated young girl brought home a short and very black Rastafarian guy who knocked her up out of wedlock but their baby died. Now when the white neighbors have friends and family over for gatherings or cookouts they all now listen to African reggae rap or really black R & B to make the racially and culturally self-eradicating daughter happy. Never thought I’d see the day where Spanish people made Hispanic rap spigger music because Africans and Hispanics in the US never liked or respected each others race or culture and most probably still don’t. Just goes to show the power of the cultural Marxist Jew/Jesuit media.

      The Zionist/Jesuit cartel sends the immigrant invaders here dressed like us so stupid whitey thinks they are Americans…

      Our multi-cult Marxist/liberation theologian enemies are pulling off a blitzkrieg invasion with genocidal miscegenation against all white Christian nations using any psychological and physical means possible without creating large ripples within our societies to make us feel overwhelmed, helpless, divided, and beaten while making many of our useful idiot men, women, and children feel safe within the leftist web of deception and self-eradicating social justice.

      Many whites are not really race mixed like they have been led to believe when they are only a mix of two different white tribes or clans.

      As, a result of such nefarious Marxist cultural subterfuge and subversion previously described in all of the above many of our white women turn on their own white kindred men and even children using the rogue leftist government for support to go play the ghetto life with uneducated dark skinned third world pagans, and heathens like it is somehow better to kill of your own identity, ancestry, religion, culture, heritage, posterity and nation. I do know that we also have plenty of wiggers also betraying their own people and nation due to their leftist self-eradicating dysfunctional indoctrination causing cultural dissonance.

      However, the modern invaders know they are on a mission to rob and subvert white Christian western civilization for Allah, Zionism, and their Jesuit brothers within Latin universal church.

      Many of our people are starting to notice that once crypto-Jews get into the government of host nations they push their kabbalist secular paganism to destroy them. It’s pretty much out in the open now within the white Christian nations now under assault.

      Allowing our treasonous government to use our White women in battle makes us all look stupid, weak, saturated with enemy combatants, feminized, homosexualized, and multi-multicultural Marxist indoctrinated. Bad enough our men are eradicated in Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic wars of genocidal attrition = Foul Stench! Talmudic Hollywood is using their Jewish/Jesuit Bolshevik psychology/psychiatry to normalize women in the workforce and military within their media programing that will completely feminize, enemy race mix, rob, supplant, divide, kill, and destroy our white Protestant Christian nations with white Catholics being supplanted and eradicated as well in their multi-cultural Marxist/liberation theological war against us and Christendom. My wife gets upset and hostile if I point out the anti-man, anti-white, and anti-Christian themes, plots, and characters within the shows she likes to watch on Kabbalah vision. However, she can now recognize many of the anti-white and anti-Christian elements on her own for the most part.

      The Biological Extinction of Europeans…It’s not low fertility rates killing off whites but leftist facilitated institutionalization instead of jobs, cultural confusion due to mass enemy invasion, self-eradicating race mixing, racial supplanting, gender role reversal, feminism, homosexuality, infanticide, prostitution, birth control, government medicating, alcoholism, drug addiction, suicide, and drug overdose through hedonistic cultural Marxism/liberation theology indoctrination.

      Child molesting and pedophilia is a crime against humanity and God. However, in today’s multi-cultural Marxist hedonistic society false accusations made by leftist programmed kids and women are use to destroy the patriarchy power structure within white Christian nations. So, one must be very cautious not to be suckered in by the liberal labeling and institutionalization of our men. I have seen one young girl get all the men in an extended family circle locked up and labelled just because she could or to help the mothers gain full custody and control over the kids. One male veteran family member even committed suicide, and one went to prison over the young girls false accusations. However, the young girl was overly sexually active and a drug abuser at a young age who has now lost her own kids to child protection.

      And yet, at the same time, Sodomites have been allowed to raped many of our young and still today work to turn out as many as possible into the anti-God gay lifestyle through cultural Marxist indoctrination in order to cover up for their heinous acts against humanity to avoid punishment through infiltrating our legal and social systems in pushing for their acceptance = white Christian genocide = leftist social justice.

      Crazy pigism being passed of as a right or freedom when it’s just anti-white Christian cultural Marxism…

      The Marxist multi-culturalization of nation states for the advancement of a twisted form of a global secular/pagan liberal utopia. However, once you try to erase ethnicity/race as a natural glue for productive nationalism or for a selective non-white Christian genocidal global civilization I tune you out as just another anti-white and anti-Christian cultural Marxist/liberation theologian crackpot out to eradicate whole hegemonic racial groups, their cultures, posterity, and national borders in the Zionist/Jesuit Bolshevik agenda for world conquest using their invention of Islamic sockpuppets for mass murder.

      Yet, few, if any, could tell you of the true holocaust, or holocausts, of the last two centuries perpetrated by Jews against the White Race, which has resulted in the death of over one billion white people, as we shall prove hereafter…

      People who blindly supported the likes of Jewish Bolsheviks like Lenin and Stalin while they committed atrocity after atrocity against millions of white Christians are mentally and spirituality dead already. Today, it refers to brainwashed liberals and leftists the world over (usually college students that aren’t necessarily idiots, but just misinformed, naïve, and ignorant of facts.

      Leftist Subversion and Supplanting from within. We let our enemies in and allowed them to stay and do what they want.

      Ever hear of the counter reformation, Spanish Inquisition, crypto-Jew Jesuits/crypto-Jew Muslim hordes = Modern day inquisition or multi-cultural Marxist/Liberation theologian white protestant and Christian genocide. The end of white Christian western civilization through the Jewish Frankfurt school of cultural Marxism/Liberation theology and its sister beast the AshkeNazi Rothschild/Freudian/Sephardic Rockefeller/Jesuit Tavistock institute of mental warfare sworn enemies of white protestants and white Catholics. The ‘Latin’ universal church is just one branch of the kabbalist synagogue of Satan.

      The real problem in the world is that certain people want to play god over others and do not want any rules for living other than what they dictate. Many people choose to frolic in sin and debauchery and when something goes wrong they blame God.

      To get rid of all religion you would have to get rid of all people. Faith, belief, conviction, Hope, religion, and Politics is an intrinsic permanent attribute of mankind’s mental awareness and faculty all intertwined….Unless brain damaged or brain dead.

      Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic Infiltration of the Christian Churches – Fake rich preachers today now try to separate mammon from their money piles in order to justify their own greed, hedonistic embezzling, relativistic con games, fraternizing with the pagan enemy, leftist pop psychology, and hoarding. Mammon is money/assets/material wealth that is carnally worshiped, nefariously sought after, and hedonistically pursued. The root of all evil is mammon/money = A form of demonic influence and possession causing one to nefariously hoard material wealth for carnal purposes wherein some people may claim godly intentions for their collection and personal hoarding of material wealth through deceiving the gullible.

      Lets hope many of you political zealots are right that Trump is pro-white Christian America because Trump has actually surrounded himself with kabbalist Jews/Jesuits who are behind the multi-cultural Marxist/Liberation theology being used to rob, supplant, and eradicate white Protestantism and Christendom through mass enemy immigrant invasions, dark hedonistic race mixing, relativistic/h
      eathen homosexuality, secular/pagan feminism, infanticide, birth control, prostitution, mental health pacification, medical medicating, addictions, anti-white Christian affirmative action policy, mass leftist public sector employment with mass cultural Marxist unionization. Trump’s supreme court pick has a very similar Jew/Jesuit background just as the rest of the anti-white Christian subversives on the court have for the most part.

      Foe example, Ted Cruz is just another foreign subversive Zionist/Jesuit crypto who is part of the red mafia cartel working to rob and destroy white protestant America while inadvertently eradicating white catholics in the process. The population stats are in and we lose. The Latin universal church has always been dominated by people of color = Spanish (Sephardic) inquisition = the genocide of 100 million white protestants.

      Many churches are involved in and push the Zionist Marxist/Jesuit liberation theology’s multi-cultural theft, and destruction of white Christian America too. Ever hear of Chrislam or Christian Zionism? Our Protestant and catholic churches are infiltrated apostates. The Zionist created Scofield bible has reeked havoc upon us all by having us worship Jews and Judah instead of God the father.

      People who revel in sin and debauchery curse God when bad things happen…People who don’t want to be judged for their wickedness reject God and his only begotten. Hell is the permanent separation from God where you die a physical death and then a spiritual death. People are actually religious within their self-proclaimed disbelief for all is religious and political in nature and you do have faith in that whether you realize it or not. God is reality for all things are known within by this dialectic whether or not you perceive of it or even exist for it still remains unchanged naturally.

      Just because you go to church or think you live a sinless life with firm belief in your redemption does not mean that sickness and evil will not attack you. Your faith will be put to the test. So be steadfast and be long suffering while turning the other cheek with loving but stern discernment while we standfast against evil and our common enemies. Thought for today.

      The main reasons the majority of white Christians have not turned on their Jewish/Jesuit enemies is because of the massive multi-cultural Marxist/liberation theology brainwashing within our schools, churches, books, media, and politics. Our people have become so ignorant, deceived, enslaved, addicted, medicated, race mixed, invaded, and divided we basically eat our own.

      ANTICHRIST: Multi-Cultural Marxist Zionist/Jesuit Sephardic Pope Francis Tells Catholics In Rome That A ‘Personal Relationship’ With Jesus Is ‘Dangerous And Harmful.’

      Religion and race is the glue that binds a people and nation together that is why the multi-cultural Marxists attacked us on the cultural level to destroy us through their religious Talmudic/Kabbalist secular/relativistic paganism.

      Without our Christian God our people will never have the courage to act.

      As for the smarter race it depends on who is writing about it and their agenda. White protestants were great thinkers, people of Godly principle, warriors, and builders until we started trusting and supporting the posterity of our enemies due to their demonic deception of multi-cultural Marxism/liberation theology was allowed within our national boundaries.

      However, our modern leftist anti-white invaders know they are on a mission to rob and subvert white Christian western civilization for Allah, Zionism, and their Jesuit brothers within Latin universal church.

      Same monkey-kind made up of different species with similar DNA and RNA.

      Same species called mankind made up of different kindred races with genetically different RNA and DNA as God planned it.

      If many of your leftist friend’s thinking were true then we would of been all mongrels thousands of years ago. Did you know that God set apart his people? Did you know that God said that mongrels are not to enter his temple for 10 generations and forever. God created the different races for his good purpose and pleasure…not yours.

      I briefly had a Jewish girlfriend once but she was a loyal Jew who only had oral and anal sex with the goyim to preserve her virginity for marriage to another Jew. I did not share her sexual preferences and that was the end of that. I have African and Hispanic friends who believe in nationalism for their own race. They agree with my feelings and insights I have towards preserving my own race, culture, religion, posterity, and nation. They know what’s being done to whites and Christians all over the world and they gladly take part in it to better their own…make no mistake…Our enemies stereotype us to destroy us…

      “An old proverb goes like this: do not expect foreign armies to ever liberate you”

      I hope I got the message right so people understand what is really going on and what is really at stake?

      After all, look at the state we are in. Where are we going to live when we wake up?

      The truth is not hate. Hate comes from those trying to hide the truth.

  2. When I was much younger I took several bicycle touring trips from my home in the rolling hills of North Central Ohio . I learned much about the often heard rumors of Southern hospitality . I fell in love with the South and its wonderful people . I found a generous and kind people with hearts of gold and characters of saints . They protected me from violent illegals that tried to rob and molest me in my youthful quest to tour the South . They took me in their homes and fed me such delicacies that can only be imagined . They washed my clothes and gave me money because they knew I was young and stupid and needed help . It pains me greatly to realize that outsiders and morons are tearing down the statues of the great fathers of Southern history that I marveled at in my travels . Every Sabbath I visited a church along the way wherever I might be . I was loved and accepted and spoiled rotten by the maternal women at each and every stop . When I hear the liberal mainstream media making fun of Southerners and the Southern mentality I grow angry and wish I had a louder voice to shout out to the whole country what an honor it was to break bread and say the prayer over a meal with my Rebel brothers and sisters in Christ . My prayers of peace and hope for everyone in Dixie that welcomed me and loved me in my time of youth and stupidity . God bless Dixie and her people . Bob in the Buckeye loves you’all .And if you read this especially Deputy David that saved me from the illegals outside of Houston that time down by the Brazos river in 1975 . I still have the revolver you gave me .