The Time Has Come To Be Men Again.

In the Current Year, as in recent current years since the rise of social media, memes have become powerful cultural forces that can shift socio-political discourse almost instantaneously. One of the more powerful species of memetics is the viral video. Smart phones and video sharing applications bring real time images of events to the eyes of people who are insulated from “the real world” and otherwise blissfully unaware.

Last night, such a viral video was shared with me in one of the deep, dark corners of the interwebz that us, “literally Hitler,” type trolls hang out and which jarred me to the core in a very profound way. The events that unfolded were not shocking or surprising. We’ve seen it all before. However, my keen eye has become sharpened to the otherwise unnoticed details that lay beneath the surface and I’m compelled to break them down here for the reader.

As the reader can see, it’s a short video, filmed from a smart phone by one of the casual observers of a scuffle that presumably took place on a pier in Massachusetts. I’m unaware of any backstory on this scuffle. As far as I know, no details have been publicized as to what occurred before the camera started recording. Nevertheless, it is clear that a small group of adolescent white boys were violently ganged up on by a group of mostly black and mulatto boys, approximately a dozen, and what appears to be a token white boy in their midst, some who appear older and many who appear to be bigger. That alone is triggering. That alone should anger a reasonable white person, especially one with children. Unfortunately, many white adults will dismiss this as the behavior of normal teenage boys and engage in cognitive dissonance where the racial aspects are concern.

As a “redpilled” white nationalist and identitarian, I instantly saw multiple themes in this incident that vitally need to be addressed, if we are to regain the dignity of our ancestors. I will confess, my eyes watered from tears of anger, shame, embarrassment, disgust, and a torrent of other emotions that our “vibrant and diverse” brave new world would have the reader believe are nothing but bigotry.

My first reaction was shame and embrassment. The group of white boys who were attacked were apparently of smaller stature than the “vibrant” group. This would lead me to believe that they aren’t in the habit of provoking fights. Look, I understand. I once was a skinny white boy and a late bloomer in High School 20+ years ago. I avoided conflict, though I did have the gumption to stick up for myself and never ran from a fight when it was thrust upon me. (Of course my small town southern school and community was not nearly this “vibrant”…we all grew up together, went to the same churches, played summer sports together.) My parents were fortunate enough to raise me where my schoolmates were not a competing tribe.

A hard lesson should be learned from this incident and every self respecting white boy in every Western nation needs to resolve now to take a stand, enough is enough. Never back down. Hold your ground!! It doesn’t matter if you get your ass kicked. I’d rather lay there bloody and beaten with my dignity intact than run away unharmed, hanging my head in shame as a coward.

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After feeling my shame and embarrassment for these young white boys, my logic centers kicked in and instead of being angry at their cowardice, I sympathized with their condition. The white race was bred under harsh glacial conditions over thousands of years during the ice age. The last 1000+ years of Western history, however, softened those conditions for our ancestors as scarcity became plenty, the rule of law was adopted, and genteel qualities became preferred traits in mate selection. Brown people from the African continent, to this day, live a much more bestial existence. Their testosterone level has not been bred down for civility and docility. They are more impulsive and prone to high risk behavior. Their nature is more predatory and they live by the law of the jungle. The brown ancestors of African slaves, even who have lived in white society for centuries, still possess the same traits as their forebearers, because white society has never imposed European expectations and cultural norms upon them. Different rules for different races in our vibrant brave new world.

I was so triggered by this video that I hesitated to watch it more than once…but I did, and after examining it the second time, my earlier reaction of disgust was amplified when I noticed the white females who were caught in the video, in the background, to various degrees of participation.

Please – young white men, please take heed. This may be the most important concept you’ll ever be exposed to in white nationalist circles. Our race has imposed upon itself an unsustainable condition that absolutely must be reversed. In Europe, the white women are begging for middle eastern and black migrants and in the US, where we’ve sustained a hostile brown tribe for several centuries, our white brethren are so cucked that we seem to have no recourse in correcting the current trends in miscegenation.

Our women are literally starving for an injection of masculinity. Feminism is a masquerade, a facade. They are lost because we no longer guide them. It isn’t their fault. It is us who have failed them and just as importantly, ourselves. We are yin and yang, to halves of a whole, the white race, and the state of our socio-sexual culture is abysmal and getting worse every year. In white nationalist circles – a “study” done by analyzing OKCupid profiles is cited as proof that white women are the most loyal. Perhaps, on a level, this is true. But the issue here is a trend, and it is clear that every year, white women are becoming less loyal to their men, and this phenomenon is accelerating as brown people displace white men in our own countries.

Going back to the video, there is no backstory, no certainty about who these white females are, what they are doing, or who they are with. But inferences can be made. There appears to be 3 of them in the frame of the video. One female with a red top and white shorts, one female wearing a black top and black shorts, and a third blonde sunbathing on a yellow towel. The two black haired females are standing (amongst the blacks and mulattos) to the back and behind the action. The blonde female casually looks back to see what is going on and tosses her hair. The black haired females seem a little more involved, perhaps even concerned, but they do not appear to be with the white boys or friends with them, or at least, they do not appear to be empathetic enough with them to leave the area when they are chased off – for they appear to remain behind with the group of blacks and mulattos as if their presence is welcome. (Of course!)

What I infer from this interaction is that the 3 white females are probably friends with the black and mulatto males. Perhaps, and most likely, one or two or all are “dating” the blacks. However, even if this is not the case, nothing changes. The sad truth of the matter is that this group of white boys and others like them are unwittingly causing white girls to flock to young brown men in increasing numbers.

There is no natural biological impulse for white women to breed with black men when all things are equaled and white men are strong and dominant. Our women come from the same stock as our own. They were bred for civility and docility as well. The problem is that between the ages of 13-25, when young women are reaching full sexual maturity, many do not have the emotional and intellectual maturity yet to resolve their strong hormonal drives with their life experience, their own more genteel nature, and their innate sense of loyalty.

No matter what these 3 girls were doing on that pier or who they were with, they were observers, and they witnessed high testosterone aggressive black boys shaming and beating down low testosterone beta white males. The threatened white males fell into fetal positions, while their fellow white males with cracking high pitched voices screeched Iike girls, pleading that their friends had done nothing wrong to deserve the beating.

Optics matter. They matter on the ground, at the moment, and they matter in the grand scheme of things. These girls are at an age where they are still forming their brain chemistry, learning about their own sexual urges and desires. Of course they know that not all white boys are beta cucks. They know some are alphas. But the image of these boys cowering down to a gang of negroes will burn in their minds and probably damage their respect for their white brothers forever. This is no less true be they innocent bystanders or mudsharks.

During these hormonal volatile years, young women have no empathy for men at all. The idea of the sweet teenage girl who runs to the defense of a boy being bullied is largely a myth. Even in homogeneous white communities, most teenage girls will be on the sideline laughing at the beta getting his ass kicked by an alpha or more dominant male. As girls age and become women, usually after the age of 25, they do develop a sense of empathy for the child who is bullied. Older women who are racially aware will also feel sympathy for the weaker white man who is beaten by blacks. Yet, even these more mature women will never see the beta male as possessing sexual market value. Their sympathy toward his weakness ends where their sexual desires begin.

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Parenting fail. Wiggers.

This is why multiculturalism is so damaging to our race. This is also why the phenomenon of the “wigger” has occurred. Some young white men have resigned to the approach that behaving like blacks is the only way to compete with them. In a strange sort of way, I can understand and even admire them for at least having a sense of courage and not backing down from conflict with the enemy.

In the long term, the answer is separation. White men have to take our institutions back and seize control of everything. Be it a new era of Jim Crow, Balkanization, or shipping them all back to Africa, we can no longer afford to be cucks. We dishonor hundreds of generations of our forebearers by wasting what they built away.

Understand this however. This will never happen if we continue to fear standing up for ourselves. Next week at Charlottesville 2.0, the “Unite the Right” rally, is an opportunity like no other. Our numbers will be strong, and we will stand as one. We will mark our line in the sand and dare our enemies to cross it. This movement is not a movement of violence and we in no way promote it. The time has come nevertheless where backing down is not an option.

Let the lessons from this video motivate you to join us in Charlottesville. The time is now to Retake Everything.