Don’t Worry About JewTube

So, the ADL has assumed formal control of YouTube. Don’t feel bad about it. You don’t need start uploading thousands of bacon videos in protest. It’s not a surprise and they can’t stop the awakening that’s coming to the general population. Our enemies are their own worst enemies. Even if we were completely de-platformed it wouldn’t matter in the grand scheme of things because they’ve created a wildly unsustainable system at both a national and civilizational level. At this late stage, it can’t do anything but implode and abundant evidence screams that it will and most likely sooner rather than later.

Consider these beautiful harbingers of its doom:

-State pension plans across the country have been drastically underfunded. Millions of retiring boomers will soon find that they won’t get anything close to what they’d been counting on. That’s going to make life very unpleasant for them.

-Our growing 3rd world population is placing an ever increasing strain on state and federal budgets. Massive debts have been incurred to provide it with 1st world government services, but this situation cannot persist.

-The federal debt is nearing 20 trillion and is projected to grow by another 10 trillion over the next decade. If interest rates rise just a few percentage points, debt service will eat up the entire federal budget. In the 1970’s they almost reached 20%. An inevitable crisis will start when confidence in repayment is lost.

-Over the past 80 years we’ve urbanized and weaponized our negro population. Their sense of entitlement has grown much stronger than the government’s ability to pay for it. They’ve essentially become a human asteroid belt ready to collide with the rest of America. BLM riots are nothing compared to what could happen if dem crackas cain’t gibsmedat. While it’s still on Jutube, watch the hilarious footage of them getting blasted into the air by white drivers while blocking interstates. It’s compelling evidence that the potential for massive violence exists.

-The economy is totally financialized and fucked. This malaise is largely driven by reckless central bank policies that have wildly inflated asset prices and devalued currency. It’s greatly enriched people wealthy enough to own these assets but it has come at the expense of everybody else, especially anyone getting by on thin margins. Many voices who accurately predicted the 2008 crash are now saying that the greatest crash ever is on the horizon. They’re being lambasted by the same journalists who were mocking them before the 2008 crash. That’s a sign to pay attention.

-It’s impossible to politically address any of these existential issues. Modest healthcare reform proved impossible, yet days later congress voted almost unanimously to push us to the brink of war with Russia. More and more people are realizing that their votes and needs are irrelevant to the ruling class. Most people don’t vote anyway. At least some of that is out of antipathy, not apathy.

Keep in mind that this is a cursory list assembled for the sake of brevity. I banged it out in 20 minutes and a glass of Jack Daniel’s. All of these issues are related and will exacerbate each other in a synergistic fashion. At some point, diarrhea will hit the fan and boy will it be one big stinky mess. I can smell it now, and I’m beginning to appreciate the redolent stench of excrement.

-By Tom Shackleford