Helicopter Mom Episode 27: Borzoi, Poz Button Meets Helicopter Mom

Welcome to Helicopter Mom. Your hosts this week are Julia, Rachel, Evelyn, and Kelly. Our guest this week is the Borzoi, Fatherland intern and podcaster. In this episode, we discuss Borzoi’s many podcasts, poz in the media, public schools vs homeschooling, the modern dating scene, Borzoi’s “red pill” story, and more.


Our segments this week were Volkmom’s (lovely) Homesteading Segment, the Recipe of the Week, by Julia, and Based Bible, by Rachel.

Please know, dear listeners, that we appreciate you. We’d love your feedback. Email us at Helicoptermompodcast@gmail.com

Recipe of the Week: Lentil Soup

Sites to check out:

Helicopter Mom Blog

Arc Media

And check out some of Borzoi’s other podcasts:

KulturKampf on Dante’s Inferno

Poz Button episode on Drive

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