A Deconstruction of Shitty Leftist Memes: Why are they so Awful?

The Left can’t meme.  I know it, you know it, everybody knows it.  The idea that the Left sucks at memes is so pervasive that even the phrase ‘The left can’t meme,’ has itself, become a meme.  I think it would be interesting if we stopped and asked ourselves why the Left can’t meme.  You could probably get your PhD in the ethnostate from this.  Make sure you cite me when you do!

The short answer is that they are not very good at being funny.  Just look at the pundits whose only punchline for the past months has been ‘Look at what Trump did, wow just wow.’  Or try to suffer through an episode of the uninspired The Daily Shoah knockoff, The Daily Show.  Leftist by in large do not have a strong sense of humor.

Again, this is something we all know on the far right.  Back to memes specifically.  Recently, I got into a short internet fight with some commie on Twitter.  The pictures he posted made me think he would make a lovely case study of shitlib memery, and really allow us to delve into the psyche of the Left.  It will also help our own guys, even though I know many of you are proficient at the memes, to see what not to do.  Hopefully some Antifa will read this and figure out how to put out some decent memes, because this effort is just embarrassing.  The first picture is a poster promoting an Antifa counter protest in Charlottesville.  It was so strange that it gave me the idea to write this article and really break apart this shit tier meme.


First of all, we should ask ourselves what the general purpose of a poster like this is.  To me, a poster promoting a gathering of your men should inspire your people, and ridicule your enemies.  It should work as a call to arms for your guys and send out some good banter to their guys.  Simple.

Let’s see how this fails on both fronts.

The poster is based off a weather report.  Having your people compared to some fake tit-having broad with a meteorology degree and a Botox injection that excels only at reading a teleprompter is not inspiring in the slightest.  This will not get your guys fired up to “bash the fash.”  The subject matter is trash, but the way it is implemented is also flawed.  70% chance of punching Nazis, 50% chance of social justice, 80% chance of fighting racism.  So what I gather from this is that there’s a 30% chance of you getting your skulls caved in (like last time), a 50% chance of you won’t do shit about social justice, and a 20% chance you’ll become the real racists like the cuckservatives say.

This is the part that baffled me most about the poster.  It is a very simple fix, just make all that shit 100% chance.  It would still be pushing gay shit, but at least it can’t be turned back on you so easily.

Now let’s take another look at how they try to hype their base up.  Bring all your favorite Snowflakes.  Snowflake, as we all know, is an insult commonly used by Alt-Lite types.  So this is an attempt to use the agree and amplify tactic.  Which works well in some cases.  Take on our side for example.  They call us Nazi, racist, white supremacist, etc.  Turning that around and threatening them with ovens, this time for real, is intimidating.  Nazis and racists are spooky, the big bad guys.  Who the fuck is scared by snowflakes?  Well maybe our friends in Dixie when a light dusting shuts down entire States.  But seriously, adopting the term snowflake is pretty gay.  As for their attempt at banter, they pulled out the same tired stuff, which segues nicely into our next example.

This is simply awful

Anyone who’s read one of Spencer’s tweets has seen some variation of this.  Showing your opponent getting defeated is a good strategy.  But this dead horse has been turned to glue from the amount the commies have been beating it.  It’s sad that this is the only victory Antifa has had in the Current Year™.  While we all know ‘Spencer got punched lol’ memes are stale, I picked out this one because it points out a common pitfall of leftist thinking.

The Left tends to be too long winded.

This style of meme is traditionally one picture and two lines of text.  We’ve all seen examples of the word wall memes leftists use.  In this instance, they use two pictures to tell a lame joke.  If you need more than one frame, make a gif you lazy commie.

Using two pictures is a different way of expressing the same problem.  A “picture form of the word wall,” if you will.  Other than being bad form, the necessity for longer memes relates to overly complicated leftist arguments.  What I mean by that is not that leftist arguments are hard to understand, but rather, their need to perform mental gymnastics for observed phenomena to make sense in a leftist world view.

I’ll give the real world example – the IQ gap between Africans and Whites.  What is the Left’s explanation for this?  They have two main arguments.  One is that IQ “don’t real,” which is just tactical nihilism and can be discredited as a shit argument.  The other is that blacks are not actually dumber.  Every person has the same capacity for intelligence, because heritable intelligence “don’t real.”  The reason blacks score lower on IQ tests is because of “muh institutionalized racism” in the United States.  Also IQ tests are racist.  Also you’re also racist for knowing that there’s an IQ gap.

When you bring up blacks never invented the wheel or even a written language in their own country, leftists will backpedal to colonialism.  They need to keep backpedaling and explaining away with racism.  What is the Right’s explanation?  Jiggaboos have lower IQ because blacks are dumber than whites (fucking shocking).  The argument is simply backed up by testing that shows IQ is highly heritable.  They need overly complex explanations for simple facts.

This article started as a long form shitpost about memes.  When I sat down to think about it more, I thought more about what memes do for political movements.  On the surface they’re just funny pictures, meant to get a few laughs or piss off some (((people))).  But how they’re made depicts how a movement functions, how it thinks.  If the simplified version of your worldview needs a paragraph of text and eight pictures to explain it, maybe your worldview is distorted.  If the dumbed down version of your explanation takes a paragraph, your explanation is needlessly complex.  If you understand the memes of your enemy, you understand how your enemy thinks.  If you understand how your enemy thinks, you win.

tl;dr for Antifa:

  1. Calling yourselves snowflakes is gay and we’re laughing at you.
  2. Brevity is the soul of wit. Shorten your shit up.
  3. Niggers have low IQ because niggers are dumb.
  4. You’re going to get ruined at Charlottesville, again

-By John Turner

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