Taking Back Ground

As a former libertarian, I used to dismiss concerns regarding morality as antiquated and irrelevant. “Dude, it doesn’t affect me. Who cares, right?” The supposed “culture war” was something only Christian conservatives did, and lost. For most of my childhood and adult life Conservatism Inc. did nothing but lose cultural battles, often in a humiliating fashion. Read National Review long enough and it becomes clear that standing for nothing leads to you falling for anything. To me, it didn’t matter. Today, it’s one of the only things that matters.

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. The war was already won, the inevitable march of Progress™ only went in one direction: forward to a new age of globohomoism. The future was set and the bigots had better get used to it. We have gone from allowing women into the military to debating whether faggots should be allowed to cut their dicks off (on your dime, white man) and adopt children. If you were able to travel back in time and show your ancestors scenes of modern-day Amerikwa they would probably gouge out their own eyeballs after seeing “pride” parades and mystery meat offspring. Abortion, affirmative action, gay “marriage”, the “wage gap”, feminism, and others, all new and creative ways to attack the family and destroy the values for which we fight. Faith, family, nation, honor, all concepts destined for the dustbin of history. We had already resigned ourselves to defeat, Hillary Clinton was supposed to take Obama’s crown and finish the job of destroying our people. We were given puppets like Jeb! to negotiate the terms of our surrender and talk radio to vent outrage over the latest intrusion of Dildolech into our personal lives. The winds of Pozz were blowing cold and winter was coming.

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Enter Trump, Destroyer of Worlds. The shitlib extended universe was retconned hard November 8, 2016 when the expected coronation of Hillary Clinton turned into an unlikely victory. The Alt-Right celebrated and histrionics ensued as the catlady/homo/negro alliance declared Drumpf to be the second coming of Hitler (if only), to be followed by internment camps and electroshock therapy for the queers. I have been slightly more bullish on Trump than most of the Alt-Right, if only due to his skill at driving his enemies into a rabid frenzy. But on paper, these people didn’t really have too many reasons to hate him. He’s the most philo-semitic candidate in history, came into office supporting gay “marriage,” and spent most of his life signaling the views of a centrist New York City democrat. There was no great expectation for him to push back the pozz.

Our military, which has been engaged in constant low-level conflict since 2003, has been transformed from a fighting force into a new front in the Culture War. It’s all been downhill since President Truman signed an executive order integrating the armed forces in 1948. Women, homosexuals and finally transsexuals were allowed to serve under the specter of diversity. The Current Year military featured dickgirls and ladyboys who were encouraged to sign up and get sex change operations (lol at “gender confirmation”) with taxpayer money. The fact that this was even a debate shows the utter insanity of the clown world in which we live. President Trump’s decision to ban transsexuals from serving openly in the military may seem like a small, common sense decision. The Left had a meltdown and dug up a handful of trannies, including former SEAL (who now clearly gets off on pretending to be a women) to try and prove that these freaks serve as some kind of pillar of the armed services. There has been a standard amount of cucking, but most of the reaction has been positive. It wasn’t supposed to be this way, they had already moved on to the next battle to try and force straight men to have gay sex. The pozz was only supposed to move in one direction. We’ll see in the coming weeks how this policy plays out but I believe it represents something bigger.

Also notable last week was President Trump’s address to the Boy Scouts of America national Jamboree in West Virginia. For anyone who hasn’t watched it, I highly suggest you do so. It’s classic Trump: giving fatherly advice about hard work and overcoming obstacles while negging Obama and Clinton over the election results while thousands of young, mostly white, men cheer him on. The reaction, again, was predictable and hysterical: “Drumpf turned the BSA into the Hitler Youth! How dare he politicize the Boy Scouts!” These are the same people who, several years ago, declared Scouting to be some sort of “hate group” for their skepticism in allowing faggots access to young boys.

This could be a bump in the road or it could be a major turning point in a struggle which has both spiritual, as well as, political and ideological significance. Normies are watching – and winning small victories builds momentum. We know now that ground can be reclaimed. Statues can be put back in their place and symbols of our heritage can once again be displayed with honor.

We will win. The future belongs to us.

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  1. If illegal aliens voted majority repuglick can, obama would have had 10,000 bulldozers on the border building a wall the day he was sworn in.
    Trump should have ignored all the DC crap and endlessly pushed for the WALL.
    Today he would have been at 60% approval.
    Health care, which will never get fixed with 50,000,000 aliens getting it for free, would be getting fixed…..