Rebel Yell 225: Nathanael Strickland, Faith and Heritage

This is Rebel Yell – a Southern Nationalist podcast of the Alt-Right. I’m your host Musonius Rufus. Joining me are my cohosts Mencken’s Ghost and Ryan McMahon. For our 76th episode of Rebel Yell, I am speaking with Nathanael Strickland who is the owner and chief editor of

Thanks goys!

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0:00 Good Ol’ Intro
0:30 Introduction
0:50 Faith & Heritage
4:10 SBC
4:50 Theonomy
8:00 Alfred the Great
9:00 Moses, His Judicials
10:15 Neoreaction
12:10 Hollywood
14:20 Throne & Altar
14:55 Republic or Kings?
16:25 Lesser Magistrates
17:25 Juan de Mariana
19:05 Vindiciae
19:40 Lex, Rex
20:50 Enlightenment
21:40 Dominionism
22:20 Wrath of Gnon
24:00 The West
25:20 Forever Jihad
28:00 Handmaid’s Tale
30:40 Mrs Jellyby
32:40 Nation/Ethnic
35:10 Tower of Babel
37:00 Cucked Christians
38:25 Presuppositions
40:00 Myth of Neutrality
41:40 Boomers

43:45 Dispensationalism
48:30 3 Cuck Aspects
50:00 Gnosticism
1:01:40 Social Imaginaries
1:02:35 Francis Wayland
1:05:15 Fuller & Wayland
1:05:25 Kinism
1:08:00 Kinsman Redeemers
1:10:35 Dying Family
1:12:45 Property
1:19:15 Dunbar’s Number
1:21:40 Pro-Family Sex
1:23:20 Quiverfull
1:24:45 Sparing the Rod
1:25:25 Schooling
1:26:40 Muh Colonies
1:31:00 Resistance Theory
1:37:20 Nice Christianity
1:41:50 Cucking is Sin
1:48:15 Tribalism
1:52:50 Southern Nation
1:55:40 Church of Dixie
2:06:50 Paganism
2:12:00 Bethrothal
2:15:30 College
2:18:30 Twitter
2:21:30 Outro—Paddy


  1. There are a few great highlights in this episode…

    1. I get a shout-out in the opening minutes! Woop!

    2. Nathanael’s analogy of the big field with multiple sports being played on it simultaneously, was a great way to illustrate the exponential increase in tyranny corresponding to multiculturalism.

    3. Musonius’ discussion of the tendency of boomer parents to utterly neglect their sons. “Setting us up for failure”, as it were. There’s no sense of shared property, no request to aid with finances, no impulse to train children in some “family business”, etc. This precisely describes my relationship with my parents. And like the guys said in this podcast, it alienated me from the family, pushed me away. The last straw was when they put my childhood home up for sale without even talking to me about it. When I told them I’d buy it from them, they laughed in my face…That was it. That was the point when I officially disassociated from my family. I forgive them and all… they’re victims of whatever evil force hexed their generation, but we’re done.

    I’ve never heard this analysis of “boomerism” until this episode. I thought it was just me, until now.

  2. Went to and no shows for 2017 have been uploaded. Hope you guys have the shows backed up somewhere so they can be posted elsewhere. Keep us posted or will it be better for us to check The Right Stuff. I am a subscriber