We Are Already Home

As someone who has been intermittently politically active for over a decade, there are a few things I can attest to: activism is often pointless, always thankless, and even when you win, later on you’ll realize you actually lost. Politics in the modern American sense are a sham to convince the citizen that it is in their best interest to concede their defining values in exchange for a false sense of security and prosperity. The modern man in America, yea even unto Dixie, has acceded to passivity and self-indulgence. We’ve forgotten the legacy of our fathers who were willing to endure unimaginable risks, even death, rather than to give into a hostile foreign power hellbent on reconstruction and assimilation.

My political evolution started as a mainstream conservative, vociferously defending Bush and his war to further Zionism. I even once un-ironically attended a pro-war rally wearing a black Charlie Daniels-esque cowboy hat and carrying hand painted signs adorned with Merle Haggard song lyrics. After realizing that the tea party movement had been hijacked by astroturfed Trotskyites, I found a philosophically consistent, yet highly ineffectual, home in the libertarian movement. I even flirted with moving to New Hampshire as a part of the Free State Project. After Ron Paul’s two presidential runs succeeded only in bringing leftist degeneracy into the movement, and with the help of Christopher Cantwell’s Radical Agenda, I began to take an interest in identity politics. When I found the Rebel Yell podcast through TRS, I realized I had missed the forest for all the dialectical trees.

It’s not a stretch to say that my personal experience is a common one in our circles. We Southerners have been going around our elbows to get to our rear-ends as far as politics go. We’ve been languishing in the weeds of “conservatism,” “patriotism,” “liberty,” and “democracy” for far too long. Buying the lies of the media and the political class has resulted in a collective case of dissociative identity disorder. How else can you explain our willingness to fight and kill for the imperium intent on our destruction?

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The American Empire

These ideas are nothing new to the Identity Dixie audience, but this is where I was three years ago and most of our normie Southern brethren remain here today. I’ll even take one step further and say that the broader “Amerikaner” movement of an identity built solely upon whiteness is something wholly incompatible with the Southern ethos. Ethnicity, culture, and creed matter. The largely Anglo-Celtic South is cut from a different cloth than our Germanic compatriots in the Midwest. Our brand of Christian morality is fundamentally different than the now secular Puritanism of New England. Certainly we should ally with those who for the moment share our common goals, but let’s not kid ourselves. The Alt-Righters who have suggested that the Southern states be cut off and allowed to meltdown because we have a black problem are delusional if they think a polity with white shitlibs, feminists, and degenerates who have ruined every state from Maryland to Maine would fare any better.

The good news is that in the Current Year the Southern people are less afraid of being themselves. We’re less reluctant to defend our history and symbols. Our skepticism of the Federal government, including the military, is growing. Even the non-Christians amongst us are starting to appreciate the moral traditions that for so long undergirded our society. I’ve even had conversations with the most intractable Southern boomers who are starting to come to the realization that segregation and racial freedom of association maybe aren’t the most horrible of things that ever befell our communities. We’re starting to realize that our faith, families, and Southernness are better things to base our identities off of than whatever political movement or figure is currently enjoying the limelight. Electoral politics are a dead-end, our government is a clown show, and the media is an enemy of the people. We’re learning that if our macro politics don’t flow out of who we are as a people, then we are a people easily misled.

So what’s next? Where’s the resistance? What’s your particular place in the resistance? First off, we need to stop apologizing for who we are as a people or whatever perceived injustice our forefathers may have visited upon others. I’m no fan of the institution of slavery, but none of my meager amount of damns will be given because my ancestors may have foolishly invested in the inefficient and problematic farm equipment of the day. And regardless of what white privilege conspiracy theorists may say of segregation, black families and communities were stronger and more independent under that system.

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Can you imagine a black classroom like this today?

As individuals, we each need to plot our own path. The point is to be moving forward. Further your station today by re-establishing the traditions of yesterday. Take a risk or make a sacrifice.

I personally have given up the security of a two-person income by choosing to have my wife stay home and indoctrinate our children with Christian morality and correct history, both of which are void in the Yankee-centric school system of today. Self-improvement is a must. My chief enemy, and the enemy of many a Southern Man, is free time, over consumption, and trivial amusements. We should constantly be struggling with our passions. If you’re not lifting, fasting, and reading, start now. Both for your spiritual and physical health.

If you’re not a fighter, either become one, fund one, or breed and raise one.

This summer I’ve made a couple of pilgrimages. First to the Shenandoah, to appreciate Stonewall Jackson’s Valley Campaign, and also to Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond to pay respects to our Confederate dead and the memory of Jefferson Davis. The one thing I take away from both these places is the level of sacrifice that our ancestors were willing to undergo for their self-preservation. Jackson’s men were willing to march 50 miles in two days uphill in the mud at his behest. Not because they were threatened with decimation, but because they believed in the cause and that Jackson was the best man to defend that cause. Eighteen thousand Confederate men are buried in the hallowed grounds of Hollywood cemetery. How many of us would be willing to give up our creature comforts, let alone our lives, in the defense of our values? I’m not trying to suggest that drastic measures should be taken in our present time. I’m simply pointing out that men better than us were willing to give more than us in a time when they had just as much to lose.

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Monument to Confederate War Dead, Hollywood Cemetery

If we feel we are victims, then our enemies have already won. Things are hard and yes, the decks are stacked against us. Think of your ancestors. They came to a wild land populated with savage peoples and conquered both and established their own civilization. They did so with little more than determination, faith, and a desire to see their progeny prosper. And after Sherman and Lincoln destroyed that society, we built another one. One that is so much more functional than the cesspit of modern New England that the decedents of our enemies now come here seeking reprieve.

While it’s true that Southern men today are softer than our predecessors, how much softer are our enemies? We need to quit playing the games put before us by the establishment and return to the ways of our clans and dynasties. Stop waiting for foreign political saviors or their cronies here in our own lands and start embracing the fact that God created this place for our people. Denial of this reality is nothing short of apostasy.

Existence is not our right. It is our duty.


  1. Sir, I agree with you that the political process is become merely a cosmetick bandaid to convince the populace that they actually have a voice.

    Sometimes there are exceptions to this, and Trump’s election, in certain ways, qualifies as this.

    I have come to believe that the who rule over us have decided to do what they want, no matter what.

    Sadly, that leaves only the rifle and the noose.

    That said, there is nothing new about this, as the time honoured remedy for tyranny is revolution.

    Yet, no revolution, of any kind, can take place until there is a true basis and momentum for that from within the culture, and, where we stand today, we may be able to see the beginnings of that, but, there is still a long way to go.

    We’re stuck with this tyranny, as long as the vast majority of our citizens continue to tune out – irrespective of their methodology for doing that.

  2. A mind is a terrible thing to waste…
    in a government skool brainwashing center.
    Do whatever it takes to home school your children…
    you do have a lot of them or are planning to have a lot of them, right?