Southern Nationalist Radio: Episode 46 – League of the South Past & Present

Harold Crews and Dr. Michael Hill, President of the League of the South, discuss the history of the League and the trajectory to its current position and goals as a Southern nationalist organization. Dr. Hill begins with a brief description of the founding of the League in 1994 and how the outlook of its founders formed the League’s initial world-view. Some historical and political context is provided from from the Clinton Era. Dr. Hill then goes onto relate how the League began to change from a primarily civic nationalist organization to a ethno-nationalist organization beginning in the late 1990’s until it was fully an ethno-nationalist organization by 2008. Dr. Hill and Harold then go into some of the League’s recent allies with their similarities and differences with the League. The discussion is wound up with the importance of being Southern nationalist first and then and only then advocating a particular form of government whose purpose is to advance Southern nationalism and what is good for the Southern people.

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