Minneapolis: A Response to the Chimp

So on July 15th, Justine Ruszczyk,40, was gunned down by Mohamed Noor, a Somalian immigrant “cop” (fucking diversity hire) with what seems to be no provocation, from the passenger seat of his police cruiser while she was engaged in conversation with Noor’s partner. We know this. I wrote an article about it. Of course you read it….

Since the shooting, a certain Minneapolis City Council Member, Abdi Warsame, has been “pushing back” against the media, racism and Islamophobia. Well I, Larry Ridgeway, am here to “push back” against him and his brown hordes who wish to come here and colonize our country.

“Since Justine’s death there has been an intense focus on Officer Noor, blaming his actions on his race, ethnicity and religion,” Mr Warsame said. “Former congresswoman Michelle Bachman insinuated that Noor might have shot Justine for cultural reasons.”

No shit.

Well, Ali Baba the thing is that it is unclear why officer Noor shot this woman. This white woman. This white woman in pajamas. His backwards desert cult culture that believes women should be covered from head to toe in what is basically the same as wearing a cloth garbage bag (garbage bag for garbage people) probably has nothing to do with this situation? Give me a break.

“These horrific statements are dangerous and purely divisive. They hurt our east African and immigrant neighbors and friends,” Wasabi said.

Okay, so it is now a moral imperative to take into consideration the east African community when we recognize the differences in culture and the incapability these literal savages exhibit when it comes to basic societal interactions? Get fucked. This is the white mans country. We owe you no explanations as to why we notice the incompatibility and feel animosity towards your community. The browner this place gets, the shittier it becomes. Your IQ (which is so low most of you won’t be able to read this) makes you unable to be in a high trust society.

“What we’re seeing is a lot of rhetoric in the media where this is a Somali issue, where this person is a Somali officer, no, this man is an American citizen. When other officers committed such acts it wasn’t Norwegian or German or white or Protestant or Catholic,” Wolloby said to reporters.

You are assuming that because this brown being masquerading as a human has papers “legalizing” his “American” citizenship makes him American. Nothing could be further from the truth. You people bring you mental inadequacy and shit tier culture from the mud huts in Africa and through your inability to assimilate and not commit violent acts makes this, in a much broader sense, a Somalian problem. You people should not be here, much less hold positions of authority.

Any authority. You people definitely should not have access to firearms.

The white cops you are whining about are actually American citizens. They have been here for generations and since they operate in their daily lives without violent outbursts, they can be trusted to uphold the laws they don’t fucking break. This is common sense, but it’s not surprising mud people with an IQ below the equivalent to a resting heart rate can’t understand this.

“All of a sudden it is a Muslim problem. I think it is racist, it is unacceptable.” Wingabi exclaims.

Ever since imported Africans became considered citizens (how they became people truly baffles me) there has been a race problem. Not in the sense you mean, it but in the sense that more than one race exists in this country. You really ought to leave. Experiment is over.

We all know Islam is out of the question and has always been a problem. Fuck the outliers. Also, fuck you.

This is the attempt at colonization by these people. It begins in the mind of the host. By planting the idea that race is just skin color and we can all exist in harmony, the parasitic entity convinces the host to make concessions that weaken itself and attempt to put the parasite on the same level as the host. First the mind, then the land.

It is important for the residents of not only Minneapolis, but the United States as a whole, to know that its okay to push back at these people. We are defending our posterity’s right to a home, to exist and to continue as a race. The system our ancestors created will not exist if we allow the infiltration of our institutions by these Third World heathens.

Why do you think the Third World is the Third World? Because it’s populated by the Third World. Bring them in droves to the First World and would do you get? The Third World. This isn’t fucking rocket science.

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Shocking! Somalians “from” Minnesota joining ISIS! Who would have thought?

I mentioned in the first article I wrote that the police chief was a woman. Not anymore lol.

“Last Saturday’s tragedy, as well as some other recent incidents, have caused me to engage in deep reflection. I’ve decided I am willing to step aside to let a fresh set of leadership eyes see what more can be done for the MPD to be the very best it can be.” FORMER Minneapolis Police Chief Janeé Harteau announced on the police department’s Facebook page.

I guess the pressure was just too much for her.

The thing is the new police chief, Medaria Arradondo, is another shit skinned diversity hire (probably) from nearly three decades ago that was nominated by Mayor Betsy Hodges for his “race, resume and reputation” according to ABC5 Minnesota. He is now not only in charge of getting to the bottom of this, but also policing within the city. Lord help Minneapolis…

I’m going to pay attention to this. It really pisses me off to see this shit happening in my country and it’s all to benefit everyone but my people, the owners and creators of this prosperous land. There must be a change soon or we are going to continue seeing these things happen – the more they’re trusted with any power.

When our power is lost, we will have one avenue. I’m open for either, but let’s exhaust the peaceful option before we’re at a 20% minority in the country our fathers and grandfathers made the beauty and wonder of the world.