Helicopter Mom Episode 26: Blue, Braids and Soil

Welcome to Helicopter Mom. Your hosts this week are Julia, Rachel, Evelyn, and Kelly. Our guest this week is the matriarch of the women’s group for Vanguard America, Blue. In this episode, we discuss what the women involved with VA do, their new website, accountability partners, baby gear and what’s actually worth buying, how to save money when getting baby stuff, and how to keep your kids from being harmed by our degenerate society.

In the third section of the show, Rachel takes over. She starts with Based Bible, and a discussion on a woman’s role in the church and why it’s important to dress modestly.

Our segments this week were the Recipe of the Week, by Julia, and Based Bible, by Rachel.

Recipe of the Week: Chicken and Broccoli Pasta Dish

Sites to check out:

Blue’s VA women’s site: Braids and Soil

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