Rebel Yell 225 Paranormal Yell: Freemasonry

This is Rebel Yell – a Southern Nationalist podcast of the Alt-Right. I’m your host Musonius Rufus. Joining me are my cohosts Mencken’s Ghost and Ryan McMahon. For our 75th episode of Rebel Yell, Jayoh de la Rey from the Alc-Right Rises, and Johnny Monoxide from the Paranormies Present, interview the two Freemasons in Identity Dixie, Rush and I, about Freemasonry.

I’m a Master Mason, a Knight Templar, a 32° Mason, and a lecturer. I know a lot about the Lodge and want to address some of the numerous misgivings that the Alt-Right have about Freemasonry. Johnny definitely still wants a Paranormies episode on Masonry so consider this to be part one on the subject. We’ll talk about more conspiracies on that show.

I’ve included some Alt-Right anti-Masonic propaganda in this episode for your enjoyment.

Thanks goys!

฿: 17LRS9puF8sGJsThcf3YrfEw3NFuWS5WTQ

0:00 Good Ol’ Intro
0:30 Introduction
5:25 Prince Hall
6:50 Moslems
7:50 Shriners
10:40 Charity
11:05 Eastern Star
11:45 Scottish Rite
13:40 France
14:55 Albert Pike
18:20 Entered Apprentice
19:50 Past Master
20:45 Many Degrees
21:30 Rituals
22:50 Bloody Oaths
25:10 York Rite
25:35 Morals & Dogma
26:10 Catholic
27:40 Ku Klux Klan
31:35 Lodge Systems
32:50 Catholics
34:20 Divided Loyalty
38:50 Crypto-Judaism
40:10 Templarism
41:20 Real Relationships

44:00 Protestantism
46:55 Ecumenism
50:55 Temple of Solomon
54:20 Knights of Columbus
55:10 Oak Island
56:45 Nepotism
1:02:10 Club System
1:03:50 Senior Societies
1:09:10 Why Join?
1:12:35 Mormons
1:15:10 2B1Ask1
1:16:15 Boy Scouts
1:19:05 The Fez
1:21:00 Entryism
1:22:10 Anglo Civil Wars
1:24:00 Black Ball
1:26:40 Scottish Rite Blue
1:28:30 Jack the Ripper
1:34:10 Bohemian Grove
1:34:55 After Talk
1:36:00 Illuminati
1:37:00 Cath-Prot Truce
1:37:45 Dixie Masonry
1:38:30 Outro—Masonic Mozart