Helicopter Mom Episode 25: NaCl Wife, SWPL Moms

Welcome to Helicopter Mom. Your hosts this week are Julia, Rachel, and Evelyn. Our guest this week is our friend Nikko. In this episode, we discuss toxic sunscreen, crafts, making a supplemental income as a SAHM, Nikko’s cooking tutorial, putting out kitchen fires, and listener mail.


Our segments this week were Lost Lessons of Ladyhood, by Kelly, the Recipe of the Week, by Julia, and Based Bible, by Rachel.

Recipe of the Week: Olivye Potato Salad

Nikko’s Recip Tutorials:

White Girl Fried Rice

‘Taters Precious

Sites to check out:

Helicopter Mom Blog

Arc Media

Knitting: Knitting tutorial, part one

Nikko took some pictures to assist you in your hunt for non toxic sunscreen. Check them out on our post on the Helicopter Mom blog: HM 25 – NaCl Wife, SWPL Moms

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