Remembering Chattanooga, 2 Years Later

At 10:45 on the morning of July 16, 2015, shots rang out at the Armed Forces Recruiting Center in Chattanooga, TN. The shooter fled the scene in a rented Ford Mustang, which he then used to ram the gates of the Naval Reserve Center. He then exited the vehicle and began an attack on Navy and Marine Reservists stationed at the base. By the end of the shooting, only 30 minutes after his attack began, 4 Marines and 1 Sailor had lost their lives.

Initial reports listed the attacker as white. This was later proven to be bullshit. Muhammed Abdulazeez was a Kuwaiti born Palestinian who became a naturalized citizen of the United States in 2003. His father was a known associate of Islamic terror groups. Abdulazeez traveled with his father to Palestine during the Second Intifada, or Palestinian Uprising. This experience, among others, led to his radicalization. Abdulazeez was also known to be sympathetic to the Palestinian struggle against Israel, who has been historically protected by the military of the American Empire.

Leading up to the attack, Abdulazeez began attending Friday prayers at the local mosque with fanatic regularity. He became radicalized when he began interpreting Islam in its literal way, instead of the way that we have been conned into thinking of Islam by the taqiya practicing clergy in our country.

Abdulazeez is a prime example of the radicalization of second generation immigrants. After attempting to conform to western societal standards, he rebelled and embraced the traditional views of Islam, which led him to commit this attack on US soil.

This filthy Muslim murdered five service members, three of which were Southerners who were in service to a government that hates them. Two years later, their names aren’t even uttered leading up to the anniversary of their death at the hands of Islam. Skip Wells, David Wyatt, Thomas Sullivan, Carson Holmquist, and Randall Smith had their lives stolen from them by a man who hated the nation that hosted him. How do we remember them? “Nooga Strong,” hashtags, and community concerts aren’t enough. Cucking to Muslims in a Christian nation does nothing to avenge or honor their martyrdom.

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If we really desire to honor their memory; if we really wish to prevent this from happening again, we must remove and prevent subversive foreign religions from taking root in our nation.

Want to end subversive infiltration by outside groups? Retake Everything.

-By AP Stewart

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  1. Good piece Mr. Stewart. I see we have not had a great deal of comments for a few days here at ID, so I will break the ice. I would like to offer three thoughts.
    How can modern “Mericans can believe that Islam is a religion of peace despite its teachings and millennia and a half history? Perhaps the reason for that, or at least a large part of the reason, is that most professing Christians in America no longer believe the fundamental precepts of their own religion, are ignorant of church history, and reject the moral, cultural, and gender positions that flowed from that Christian culture. As such, they reject (and are generally ignorant of) core elements of their own faith -and thus they can believe that Muslims will do the same with Islam.
    Regarding the statement “This filthy Muslim murdered five service members, three of which were Southerners who were in service to a government that hates them.” I would state that it is very sad when a wolf is let in the door, and then turned loose on muzzled dogs in their pen (unarmed white soldiers).
    I dislike Israel/Z.O.G. as much as I dislike Islam. By taking sides in a conflict that does not pertain to us, Imperial America has been quite foolish. Then letting people of both faiths/ethnos involved into the territory of the U.S. has made this violence against whites inevitable. I think that the first step out would be to cease all intervention in the Middle East, and to seal our borders from ALL Middle Easterners -regardless of religion.