The Myth of Food Apartheid

Recently, the topic of “food apartheid” has been brought up in social justice circles around the Southeast. This single sided issue has been used to shame liberal whites into making concessions to entitled Negroes.

What Is Food Apartheid?

Food apartheid is the theory that, intentionally, white people will only build low nutrition fast food joints in black neighborhoods. These Negroes also believe that the lack of a chain grocery store or farmer’s market within walking distance of every housing project and urban neighborhood is due to “systemic racism” by whites to keep the Negro population undernourished and weak.

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The issue with this hair brained theory is the reality of food availability, most Negroes live in urban centers. In a mid-sized city, there are multiple grocers, including an organic grocery store, within 5 miles of the poorest Negro neighborhoods. Contrast this with rural white areas, where travel time to and from the nearest chain grocer can take upwards of an hour by car. Of course, the Negro complains because he lacks the agency to purchase a car and the motivation to walk the trip with a wagon or cart.

This lack of agency is also apparent when we look at how Negroes plan their neighborhoods as compared to whites. It’s not uncommon in rural areas to see houses with gardens and chickens in the yard. In fact, I can’t count the number I see on my morning drive on two hands. Go to an urban neighborhood, however, and you will see nothing but grass in the yards. The space is there, yet the Negro absolutely refuses to do something about his situation, instead preferring handouts from whitey. I guess you can’t use EBT to purchase seeds.

“Food apartheid,” just like other Jewish myths, is a falsehood used to trick liberal whites into feeling sorry for lazy and entitled Negroes. There is no less access to food in urban areas than anywhere else. If anything, this concept illustrates the differences between whites and Negroes when approached with a problem. The white man solves the problem with common sense and ingenuity; the Negro says, “Ay yo whitey, lemme get dat answer!”

Don’t give them the answer.

-By AP Stewart

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