My Orders: A Carolinian’s Journey

I was born and grew up on a small farm in eastern North Carolina. My parents, both from eastern North Carolina, were share croppers. My ancestors were mostly English, Scottish, and Welsh that came to North Carolina from Tidewater Virginia before the Revolution.

Eastern North Carolina was one of the most conservative sections of the South: White, Protestant, Anglo-Celt. Until the ninth grade, I lived in a segregated society. We had negro workers, but we drank from a separate goard. There was a large negro population, but our society was very stratified and so we were protected from the vulgar nastiness of the lower classes.

Oh how different things are now!

Our people have forsaken traditional Christianity, our land has been overrun by Aztecs, White flight has depleted our population, and the negros have been increasing like cockroaches.

I have often said, “This is not the country that I was born in, and I hate it.”

As the country has changed, so have I. I was a loyal Republican. The Republican party was always glad to get votes from Southern conservatives. But after they got our votes; we were asked to please move to the back of the bus and keep quiet!

I always voted to the Right whenever possible. I can proudly say that I voted for Gov. Wallace. I joined the League of the South within two years of its formation. I meet some libertarians there and moved into their camp for a while. I supported Ron Paul and his movement, only to be disappointed by the Republican neocon betrayal.

Finally, I left the Republican party. As an independent, I am much happier. I believe that the League of the South is the only organization which is really fighting for the Southern folk, so I will stand with them. I have many friends who have thrown in the towel. They say that this battle cannot be won due to simple demographics.

Not me, like the Bitter-enders of the Boer nation, I have decided to fight on regardless of the results.

I find the following poem encouraging.

My Orders, by Agnes Ethelwin Wetherald:

My orders are to fight;
Then if I bleed, or fail,
Or strongly win, what matters it?
God only doth prevail.

The servant craveth naught
Except to serve with might.
I was not told to win or lose,—
My orders are to fight.


And so dear folk, I encourage you-all to fight on!

-By Guy de Vries


  1. @Snow Hill?

    I have a lot in common with you – I grew up in Raleigh, in the 60s and 70s, have lived in Eastern North Carolina – both little Washington and Murfreesboro, and have family from Clinton, Black Mountain, Swanannoa, and Arden/Mills River – now a Yankee golfing retirement subdivision betwixt Asheville and Hendersonville.

    My mama’s forbears settled Galax, Virginia, Sparta NC, and the Georgia and South Carolina Appalachian areas.

    I am registered with the Republican Party so I can vote in their primaries, but, have only done this out of necessity – for I could never consider myself one from the Party of Lincoln.

    As to The League of The South – it is only one of two institutions left to The Southron White Man – the Orthodox Church being the other, that are reliable and true.