Helicopter Mom Episode 23: Musonius Rufus, Rebel Yell Meets Helicopter Mom

Welcome to Helicopter Mom, a Christian, right wing, and Traditionalist podcast. Your hosts this week are Julia, Rachel, and Evelyn. We have a very special guest this week: Musonius Rufus of Rebel Yell.

In this episode we discuss traditional courtship, chivalry, and more. The script for our recipe of the week segment was submitted by Jan Bar. A big thanks to him for that.

Recipe of the Week: Jan Bar’s Kolackis
And be sure to listen to this while baking: Polka

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  1. Absolutely excellent broadcast! This was my first Helicopter Mom episode and I listened because you had Musonious Rufus as a guest. I enjoyed the whole thing- this is the type of broadcast that we need more of plus I hope to get the lady I’m courting to listen. Child raising, corporal punishment, armed people create polite society, dueling and most of all the structure of the family. The latter is crucial for those of us raised by Boomers and afterwards….excellent broadcast!