CNN Promises Not to Waterboard People for WrongThink

It is happening. The (((media))) is rallying in defense of CNN in anticipation of total Goyim-Jihad against the Lügenpresse.

In case you haven’t heard, CNN has blackmailed a Reddit user who goes by the handle “HanAssholeSolo”, who as it turns out edited the CNN logo on the now-famous 2007 WWE video involving Donald Trump and Vince McMahon. In case you live out in Reo Rhinelander, here is Trump’s tweet that triggered the (((MSM neurosis))).

RealClearPolitics  had a “thoughtful” piece on the “very nice apology” offered by HanAssholeSolo after CNN asked him “nicely” to do so. By the way, early speculation has been that the Reddit user is a teenager. This is likely not the case. In fact, if you fall into the trap of believing that distraction, you will miss the forest for the trees. A teenager has very little to lose in the long run, and it makes the media driven narrative that he was “just an irresponsible kid living in his parent’s basement” much easier to spin, and the whole thing easier to dismiss by the public at large. Normies have been conditioned not to take “internet trolls” seriously, even if they have important things to  say.

No, it appears that HanAssholeSolo is a middle aged man. Middle aged men usually have jobs. Sometimes they have families. Their personal lives are typically much more dependent on their reputations not being smeared in the media. A kid can recover. Nobody will remember who he is in a few months. A middle aged man’s life can be wrecked.

So don’t be fooled by this narrative spinning that is going on, and don’t perpetuate the meme that he’s just a silly dumb kid. Point out to anyone you know that his apology wasn’t a “nice gesture”, it was coerced.

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Just think about it. This is the equivalent of intelligence officers at Guantanamo Bay going on TV and bragging about “how sweet”, “how nice” a prisoner was for spilling the beans on his fellow Taliban so that he wouldn’t get waterboarded.

No. CNN didn’t even have to publicize their interview with this man if his personal privacy was truly their concern. Don’t take their lies lying down. They want total war, let’s give it to them.

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  1. This event was a very fortunate occurence, if for no other reason than it exposed, to the wider publick, the Jewish SOP.

    Unfortunately, more Whites are unable, at this time, to make a connection between ‘CNN’ and ‘Jewry’.

    They will ascribe it to a faceless, identityless ‘Leftism’.