Weimerica: Where Vice Has Become Virtue

Recently, Andrew Anglin over at DailyStormer published a piece where he touched on the age old tactic that the (((media))) uses when going after “muh literally Hitler” figures such as himself. It’s simple really – dig into their past, find all their closet skeletons, find associates (possibly enemies) willing to smear them, and ultimately discredit their radical right-wing message by showing them to be “hypocrites”.

This tactic has worked exceedingly well for as long as the Jews have dominated the media. I do not claim to be an expert on Judaism, but I do know quite a bit about Protestantism, and while nobody (including Protestants) likes a hypocrite, it has always been fundamental to mainstream American Protestant culture, especially in the South, that we accept human weakness, sin, and self destructive choices as part of the human condition while at the same time always striving to be better by facing our own character flaws and rejecting them. From what I’ve learned over the years about Jews, the Rabbinic Talmud contradicts the Torah in that it often makes excuses for Old Testament sin, as opposed to encouraging virtue through self examination.

In Alt-Right circles many of us criticize modern western capitalists (at least in part) and “basic bitch” Republicans. In defense of the capitalist normie “conservative”, they deserve credit for maintaining the philosophical perspective that striving for excellence while rejecting sloth and excuse making is the key to success in life. This is, at its heart, a purely Protestant ethos and the only reason that America hasn’t yet collapsed.

Modernity has become all about victim culture in the Current Year. Every supposed victim is expected to extol victimhood with pride and shove it in everyone’s face. Intersectional victims practically get trophies for each status they can claim. It’s truly the Victim Olympics here in Clown World! How ironic that victimhood is about “liberation” for the leftist. Newsflash: If you are liberated, you are no longer a victim.

I always do my best to be intellectually honest. I do understand how some people perceive themselves as part of an oppressed group, and seek to call attention to that group’s plight. But extreme leftism has gone beyond that and gaslit itself into indulging in every self-destructive behavior imaginable without consequence. Not only do they expect a free pass, they have declared it immoral to criticize their behaviors or hold them to any kind of standards whatsoever.

This is a very important message that should be a tenant of the Alt-Right movement. Admit your flaws. Openly discuss the degeneracy and poor choices that have plagued your life. Do not wear these flaws with “pride”. We are not faggots! We deserve no parade. Use these examples as testimony to the way that society has corrupted you. Use your hard life lessons to mentor or instruct your friends and family who seek self improvement. Lead by example, but never deny your human faults.

Anglin has done a great job of bearing his sins through his satire. I’ve never met Anglin, but I consider him a brother. He gets it. We can no longer allow ourselves to be discredited as hypocrites and give leftists that power over us.

Let me give you an example of how hypocrisy works against a person who would otherwise seem to be doing positive things for their fellow man. The 1980’s were a decade that saw televangelism grow to become more than just a method of Christian outreach – it became a multi-million dollar industry for a lot of snake oil “preachers”. I myself never liked televangelists. However, I do believe that some honest men with good intentions have, in the past, attempted to utilize television as a means of reaching broken souls. Perhaps Jimmy Swaggart started off that way. Perhaps his mission was earnest early on. I do not know him, never met him, so I have no way of knowing and will not pretend to. However, he clearly became corrupted along the way and was scandalized, discredited, and ruined after revelations were made public that he had hired common street prostitutes for sex.

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In the 20th century, the destructive nature of liberalism corrupted practically everyone, including the Church. The cynicism of my youth taught me clearly that no man can claim virtue without first admitting his weaknesses. By its very nature, the Christian ministry claimed spiritual authority that placed itself in a paradox that undermined that authority. If ministers such as Jimmy Swaggart had been encouraged to bear their sins before their congregations, instead of putting on a show, perhaps their credibility could have been salvaged.

I could literally write a book about all of my own bad choices, weaknesses, and character flaws. I’ve spent my entire life in self reflection, cataloging my vices, doing my best to change behaviors that I knew were harmful. I’ve not always succeeded, and I’ve relapsed at times. I freely admit to currently indulging in things that I am ashamed of. I’m on a journey, life itself is a journey, and all I can do is recognize and address my vices and bad choices when the time is right.

For instance, I’ve always struggled with tobacco use. My mother smoked. My ex-wife smoked. As a teenager I had friends who pressured me into drinking and smoking too. As an adult I have gone through periods of weakness. I’m proud to say that I’ve stopped smoking for years at a time, but ashamed to admit that I’ve picked it back up several times in moments of weakness. A month ago I decided to stop smoking again, and I can brag for the first time in my life that I didn’t need a crutch or substitute. No chewing gum, no nicotine patches or lozenges. Cold Turkey. I’m hopeful that this is a sign that my will is stronger than it has ever been before.

I just listed and blamed the bad influences in my life that led me to these vices. This does not absolve me from responsibility. However, we must recognize the overwhelming and pervasive imagery, marketing, and psychological manipulation that capitalism allows, encourages, and weaponizes against us. Despite my vices, I can say this unequivocally; I’ve never been tempted to indulge in things my family, church, and community taught me were destructive that they themselves did not unwittingly encourage through bad example. Simply put, my vices are culturally accepted and condoned and that’s precisely why I struggle with them. Imagine a society where vices were consistently shamed, and the state had the will of the people behind it to enforce laws that discourage destructive lifestyles.

I can think of two examples in recent history where a western society aspired to fight vice, and both times they were prematurely shut down. For example, imagine a scenario where prohibition had been enforced for more than a few short years. History regards it as a miserable failure that led to violent crime. Perhaps that was the case in Chicago and New York, but was it the case universally? What about the small towns of rural America? Has anyone done an honest assessment of how many Americans were encouraged to quit drinking who otherwise would have continued? What if prohibition had been enforced with the will of the people and the state for a quarter century or more? Would it have become culturally accepted enough that the demand would have lessened and organized crime would have dwindled?

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Weimerica’s Friday Night. Or Tuesday Night.

People often cite the failures of alcohol prohibition as an excuse to legitimize drug use. Despite the debauchery of modernity, social stigmatization and legal consequences are still enough discouragement to prevent most people from becoming drug users. There are far more people emptying the shelves at the liquor store on weekends than those who meet drug dealers in empty parking lots to obtain their marijuana stash.

The other example of a virtuous society being prematurely cut short is Nazi Germany. One can debate this indefinitely, and perhaps Germany was guilty of dangerous levels of authoritarianism, but there is little doubt that  their society prospered for a short time before the world conspired against it.

Finally, in the era of Trumpianism, I think it is insightful to examine the convergence of factors that led to Donald John Trump being elected. There are many, and not all relate to the Alt-Right, but in context of this article about vice and virtue, it is clear that Trump was elected not just in spite of his warts, but because his warts were never hidden or denied. Trump ran on a campaign that had some admittedly subtle fascist overtones. Make America Great Again was a dog whistle that we were no longer going to be a society that places value in weakness, failure, and excuse making. Every attempt was made by (((the media))) to call out Trump on his supposed hypocrisy. In fact, they haven’t learned a thing and still beat that same drum! The beauty of it is that absolutely no one thinks of Trump as a man of virtue. Practically every weakness this man possesses is public knowledge. His five children have three different mothers for crying out loud. His current wife is, essentially, an Eastern European mail order bride (Not really, but it’s a funny thought). Trump has lived his life on the cover of tabloids, and with all its might, the media unloaded the “grab em by the pussy” tape and expected to tank his campaign. But it didn’t stick, what doesn’t hurt Teflon Don makes him stronger simply because he doesn’t deny or try to hide his faults.

Look at Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton. Cruz may very well be a decent man, but his persona is that of the 80’s televangelist. His campaign was symptomatic of the major weaknesses in the evangelical wing of the Republican Party. Hillary Clinton is a terribly flawed woman. Bill and Hillary Clinton’s public lives have been crooked and scandal ridden. But worse than the scandals themselves is the arrogant obfuscations and denials coupled with a holier than thou act of moral superiority.  That toxic combination is precisely why Hillary Clinton is not currently our president.

As white nationalism moves forward and gains momentum, we will win because of our honesty and willingness to find virtue in admitting our vices, not because vice itself is virtuous, not because victimhood is equal to sainthood, not because losers should be awarded participation trophies. Hail our people and hail victory!


  1. We need to run the vile degenerates off the streets . We need to show complete disgust and be ready to whip them at moments notice . If we show weakness they’ll take us as weak