Helicopter Mom Episode 22: Volkmom and Kelly, Strawberry Wine Nationalism

This is Helicopter Mom. Your host this week is Julia, with guests Volkmom and Kelly U Gah. Rachel sits this one out and Evelyn has to leave pretty early on. We discuss how to make fruit wines, gardening, community, and we brainstorm how to plan wholesome events and help each other homeschool.


During our second break, we have a new segment by Evelyn called Ask Mom Squad. If you’d like to submit a topic for Ask Mom Squad, just shoot us an email with “Dear Mom Squad” in the subject line.

Recipes of the Week:
Martha Stewart’s Better Than Basic Muffins
Sally’s Master Muffin Mix

Sites to check out:
Helicopter Mom Blog
Arc Media

One thought on “Helicopter Mom Episode 22: Volkmom and Kelly, Strawberry Wine Nationalism

  1. In houses I’ve renovated I often bury a refrigerator under the pier and beam foundation for fermenting purposes. The ideal temperature for fermentation should be between 68 and 74 degrees but as long as it’s under 120 degrees the yeast should live, just not thrive and could put some off tastes in the product. In Florida I had access to lots of exotic fruit for people to try- lowquat wine, starfruit wine, etc.. I’m back in Texas, right now I’ve got two gallons of honeysuckle wine racked and aging in the closet and three gallons muscadine grape currently under fermentation. Grapes are ripe right now so it may be 10 gallons or so within the next week……..


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