Guide to Avoiding Negro Behavior

Recently, I’ve noticed many whites taking up behavior that is more common among American negroes. These practices and appearances should be avoided by our people. Some of them may seem unimportant or petty but the little things make a difference in our society.

#1Leaving your grocery cart in parking spots or medians: This causes damage to cars, looks messy, and causes unnecessary resources to retrieve them.

What Whites should do: When you finish loading your groceries in the car be sure to return your cart to the appointed areas. These are easily accessible and will only take you an extra minute or two.

#2 Having conversations/phone chats while blocking parking lots, sidewalks, or walkways/aisles: This is a real annoyance, especially for people on a tight schedule. It is terribly rude and shows a total disregard for other people’s time. It’s even worse when someone needs to say “excuse me” several times before the person(s) moves out of the way.

What Whites should do: When you run into a friend or acquaintance in a public space or answer your phone and begin to converse, be sure to move to an area out of the way. (Example: If you’re in the grocery store, move to the side so that you are not blocking the aisle.) While you want to focus on the person you’re talking to, always remain aware of your surroundings and keep your ears open. When someone says excuse me, be sure to move immediately and be apologetic.

#3 Being consistently tardy to work or school: This one is increasingly a problem in the modern work place. It shows a lack of organization and zero respect for the time of your customers, coworkers, and boss. This also prevents you from moving up the ladder and increasing your pay.

What Whites should do: Show up to work/school on time. In fact, make it a habit to show up ten minutes early. If there is the rare occasion when you are running late, make sure you call the office to let them know. This should never happen more than once or twice a month.

#4Wearing too much cologne: This one is directed at gentlemen. One of the worst things is a man who sprays or splashes too much cologne or body spray. It agitates people with asthma or allergies and is largely unnecessary. It’s also not as attractive as men think. Unless you’re trying to attract mudsharks.

What whites should do: Use sparingly. There is no need to bathe in it. And for God’s sake, if you use cologne, do not buy Axe body spray. That’s one of the most African products you can use. If you smell so bad you need that much artificial scent, you either have a medical problem or need a bath.

#5Being a lousy tipper: Anyone who has ever spent any time as a waiter or waitress knows that sick feeling when a group of negroes are seated at one of your tables. You’re guaranteed to get at best a handful of change for even the best service. Sadly, I’ve heard of this behavior now coming from our people. This is unacceptable and gives our race a bad name. It’s selfish, rude, and cheap. It does nothing to advance our people especially when the waiter/waitress is one of our own.

What Whites should do: Be a generous tipper when quality service is provided. Don’t just leave them your spare change or the average 10-20%. Give over and above, especially if they are one of ours. Also, try your best to tip them in cash instead of your card as they might avoid some taxes that way. One more thing, this is about more than just tipping. You should treat this person with the utmost dignity and respect. When they are going the extra mile, heap praise on them. Go so far as to speak to their manager about how great they did and then give them a big, generous tip. It’ll make their day and give our people a great reputation.

#6Playing loud music in your vehicle: This one should be familiar to all of us. It’s a pretty day and you’re out for a walk or relaxing on your porch when suddenly you hear the deep, thumping African beats in the distance. Before you know it you are surrounded by the vulgar sounds of negro ghetto culture. What could make this worse? How about your teenage son or your daughter’s boyfriend behind the wheel of that car? Sadly this happens everyday in our white suburban neighborhoods. This behavior is 100 percent unacceptable coming from our people. It is crude and shows a total lack of respect for others.

Image result for wiggers smoking weed
(((Mac Miller)))

What Whites should do: For one, our people shouldn’t be listening to the typical negro garbage that blares over most car speakers. Secondly, whatever you’re listening to should be turned down to a reasonable volume. No one else needs to hear your music and you should especially keep the volume down when driving through neighborhoods or small towns. Lastly, you should care how people view you. When most people see a person driving around with the speakers blasting, they get certain impressions about that person. They view them as thuggish, trashy, and perhaps are even frightened or intimidated. This disrupts the peace of our communities and must stop.

#7Habitually playing the lottery: The problem here is not necessarily with the occasional player. The problems start with those that play every week or even several times a week. You’ve all seen it. You go into the 7-eleven to get a drink and you end up waiting in line for 15 minutes simply because a bunch of negroes are playing the lottery. Unfortunately, the participants in this foolish game include many of our own. This is highly irresponsible behavior. It shows a shortsightedness that isn’t part of who we are. This is a waste of resources that should be going towards savings, bills, paying off debt, food, or clothes. Most anything would be a better use of your dollars than a stupid game you stand almost zero chance of winning. Even if you do win, your irresponsible habits won’t go away. You’ll be broke again in a few years.

What Whites should do: Don’t play the lottery. Ignore it and use your money for more constructive things. Let the lazy, stupid negroes have the whole program. If it were up to me, I’d end the whole enterprise. If you get an urge to buy a ticket, put the money you would normally spend in a jar. See how quickly it adds up and then use it for something worthwhile. Don’t throw any more money in the toilet. To hell with the lottery!

#8Wearing excessive jewelry: The blacks call it “bling”. This is a term used often in negro culture. It is seen by them as a status symbol, a symbol that shows you’ve risen to the top of the ghetto pecking order. Sadly, white men have picked up on this cultural trend and are adorning themselves in all sorts of “bling.” Gold chains, earrings, flashy watches, bracelets, various piercings, rings, and even grills. All of this looks ridiculous, trashy, childish, and thuggish. No one can take you seriously when you’re strutting around like a hood rat recently out of jail. It may be a status symbol for negroes but it drags down Whites to the lowest common denominator.

Image result for Amiri king
Amiri King – Lowest Common Denominator

What Whites should do: Less is more. Keep it toned down and limited to only a couple of pieces. Obviously, wedding bands are acceptable. If you’re a Freemason or have a class ring, this is acceptable. A watch is great but it shouldn’t be covered in diamonds and such. No visible necklaces or chains but a cross or religious symbol under your shirt is fine. Men shouldn’t have piercings so take out those sparkly, old earrings from the 90’s and move on. The ultimate point here is that a man should never try to bring attention to himself. Adorning yourself in all this “bling” makes you nothing but white trash and no one will respect you. Whites should strive to demonstrate their status by advancing in their career, carrying themselves with dignity, standing for what is right, starting a family, becoming active in church, and practicing self-discipline. Enough with the “bling.” It’s time to grow up.

#9Accumulating large amounts of debt: It’s one of the easiest things to do. You get that credit card in the mail and before you know it, you’ve maxed out 3 of them and you’re signing up for another. A credit card seems to make life easier. Short on cash? No worries, buy that new flat screen with the MasterCard. Want to impress your friends at the bar? Pay for everyone’s drinks with your Visa. Trying to impress the ladies? Get financing on that Camaro you can’t afford. On and on it goes into a long death spiral of high interest rates, late fees, repossessions, and eventually bankruptcy. This is an expected pattern from high time preference negroes but this is something our people must avoid or pull themselves out of. Accumulating all this debt shows a lack of self-control, discipline, and planning. It causes marriages to fall apart, property to be lost, and squandered inheritances. Let’s also keep in mind that a certain (((tribe))) benefits greatly from this cycle. Debt is bondage and our people must shake off these chains.

What Whites should do: Obviously, some debt is unavoidable. Mortgages, new cars, student loans, and even a credit card for emergencies can be helpful and handled wisely. However, our society has a real problem here. Consumerism is our religion and we sacrifice our whole lives to satisfy the gods of debt. Many of us might be working ourselves to death simply to make our monthly debt payments. The first thing we must do is avoid debt if at all possible. Do your best to save for things. Instead of buying a brand new car, save some cash and buy an older used car. If you must have a credit card, limit yourself to only one. Be sure to pay off the entire balance each month. Discipline yourself not to use credit cards to purchase unneeded luxuries or to impress friends. If it is necessary to go into any debt, keep it as low as possible. Be sure you have enough monthly income to make the payments and never miss one. Debt is draining our society and our people. It weakens us and strengthens a certain (((enemy))). It is vital for us to extinguish this behavior of excessive debt that is not a part of who we are. Get out and stay out of debt.

#10Smoking Weed: It’s a shame that this has to be discussed. Weed, contrary to what is becoming accepted in our culture, isn’t harmless. Those who habitually engage in the practice become lazy, lethargic, careless, and ditzy. No respectable white man or women should engage in such behavior. Over time, your brain will deteriorate, making what should be your wise years useless. If our people continue to succumb to this cultural trend, we will be unable to fulfill the 14 words. Our people will die and we will become a footnote in history.

What Whites should do: If you’re using weed, stop it. If you’re not, don’t start. Oppose it whenever and wherever you can. Do all you can to keep your children from falling into it. This isn’t about the War on Drugs or the Non-aggression principle, this is about avoiding something that will lull our people to sleep, making them useless to reproduce, build a culture, and oppose our (((enemies))).  Weed isn’t for whites. Let the negroes keep it.

Now get out there and do the white thing!

~ T.J. Dabney


  1. The lottery thing really gets me. I’ve bought like 2 lottery tickets in my entire life. A couple of years ago I got a ticket when the powerball hit something like a billion dollars. Just for fun. The other time…well I can’t rally honestly remember buying another lottery ticket…but for the sake of erring on the side of caution, I’ll claim one other ticket. I have a ritual of stopping at the convenience store on the way home from work to buy a soft drink, and yes, it is like clockwork that two or three times a week I’ll be delayed because some obese negress is purchasing lotto tickets. I don’t see whites doing it often, but it’s often enough to be a concern.

  2. This article mentions the excesses of cannabis, but made no mention of the excesses of alcohol. Both substances are abused by negroes and are equally as niggerish and damaging if not used in moderation. Outside of that it was excellent work.

    1. In my observation alcohol can be sinister, but, not nearly so much as pot.

      I have seen many more ruin their lives on pot as I have on alcohol, but, again, alcohol can ruin them, as well.

      Evening Pot use has a number of sinister qualities I have rarely observed in daily alcohol use (outside of those who drink morning, noon, and night) and that is this incredible lassitude and indifference they develop to all things.

      In essence, pot is the ideal drug of the New World Order, because it engenders in the user and attitude of, ‘like whatever, Dude, it’s all good.’

      Western Civilization, and The South, we know to be compatible with alcohol, while, in the time pot use has grown here, it does not seem so.

      So, on a microcosmick level they may seem equal, but, on a macrocosmick level, not; and, as Southerners we think beyond the individual, and embrace the community, Marijuana fails miserably on that score.

      I’ve watched this since the 1960s.

  3. The niggrification of our society began in the 1950s, with Rock-n-Roll.

    During this time White Youth gave themselves over to wild dancing like the Negro, something which, in fact, started in the 1920s and 30s.

    Elvis himself was famous, as a teenager, for breaking the Jim Crow lines and going to Negro clothing stores, and buying their very colourful shirts.

    With ‘Civil Rights’; in the 1960s, White teens began to adopt the sex mores of the Negro, and, as well, the drug use, cussin’ and informal ways.

    Imperial Wizard Asa Carter, spoke about this, below, as did other Klansmen during the 1960s and 21970s.

    Most did not take them seriously, yet, they were right.

  4. ‘#2 – Having conversations/phone chats while blocking parking lots, sidewalks, or walkways/aisles: This is a real annoyance, especially for people on a tight schedule. It is terribly rude and shows a total disregard for other people’s time.’


    With all due respect to your fine article, this is not correct. All Southerners, when I was a child, talked with anybody, anywhere.

    In those days, even in big cities, you could not go to the grocery store, and avoid conversations – even with people you have never seen before!

    Where I live, in Nowheresville, Northeastern North Carolina, it is STILL, mostly like this..

    In fact, I have often remarked to my wife that Southern Whites have gotten mentally ill – so unfriendly are they become. Negroes are to be praised for maintaining this tradition of ours, one of the few areas I would give them such.

  5. A hallmark of Yankee society, which dominates our big cities, these days, is the notion of efficiency, and how everything must be subordinated to it, because profitability, of time, money, and effort is first in all things.

    We, Southerners, reject that, knowing that, while profitability and efficiency have their places, they are second to faith and community, and any community where efficiency comes behind conviviality is no place where I would wish to live.

    I know The North. They have their strengths, but we are not they, and, I pray to all you youngun’s, let it remain that way.

  6. Really enjoyed this article.I would like to say seeing Asa Carter’s video is great too.And I want to comment on #2,I love talking to anyone just about everywhere I go,this is a great Southern trait and one almost gone(everyone is shocked that a stranger has struck up a conversation but almost all end up joining in heartily).The negro way is to purposely stop traffic to have a conversation or to pick a fellow negro,they love irritating us.And I have seen them for decades do this in my area especially on one four lane highway that curves right before it enters town(heavily Black).They do this to provoke but also they do it even when no Whites are present.That is just the way they live.Great article and wonderful comments.My God bless you all.P.S.I have never drank,smoked,done drugs or played the Yankee Jew lottery.Many Southerners did smoke and drink in the past but these bad habits were marketed to them as well.Merely because a vice is generations old does not mean we should surrender our wisdom and normalize it.