RIP: Jeff Bezos’ Coming Dystopia and Other Musings

My journey towards the Alt-Right started as a teenager. Growing up in the violent, dysfunctional dystopia that is any half-black city, I never really had racial delusions to cure. Yet, a broader picture of our civilization’s collapse was elusive.  Back then all I had was my shitty local paper to give me an outlook on the wider world. One day that all changed. I read a scathing review in the back of this rag. It was a denunciation of a new book by Pat Buchanan, called “The Death of the West”. I was eager to read it, but where to buy it? Where I lived there were plenty of stores selling weave and offering rent-to-own furniture. There were other enterprising businesses soliciting my plasma so I could get the money to buy the book. However, there was nowhere to buy the fucking book.

So, I headed over to the family computer, and dialed up to the internet for a website I’d heard of called It had the book, and a few days later it arrived in the mail. I found it simultaneously fascinating and disconcerting. After a Saturday of rapid reading, I was hungry to learn more. So, I started plowing my lawn mowing money into a stream of literature from this super convenient website. It would sell at the lowest price and even recommend shit you’d never heard of on your home page. Awesome! Bought Buchanan? Perhaps you’d like this book from some guy named David Duke. Liked “My Awakening”? How about “Mein Kampf”? Since you bought those, how about “Judaism’s Strange Gods”? It sold everything. Which seemed strange since the company was run by a beady-eyed Jew named Jeff Bezos.

That was back in 2001. Now it’s 2017 and Amazon is one of the beasts feasting on the corpse of middle class America. At a net worth of damn in excess of 80 billion dollars (this can fluctuate by a few billion in a single day), Jeff Bezos ranks among the foremost of our dying country’s premier oligarchs. I’ve devoted this article to Amazon because it’s profited from several propellants of our national death spiral.

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Let’s start with the most obvious. It’s bloated value. Like most digital giants, Amazon pays no regular dividend. In fact, in the 20 years since its IPO it’s never paid one even once. So how does a company like that reach the summit of our country’s Consumer Discretionary stocks? Sure it’s got an enormous market share, but also a pretty thin cash flow. I’ve heard that it’s because it’s focused on growth, leading it to sell key products like the Kindle at or below cost. This makes partial sense, but it’s an insufficient explanation for the colossal value of a company that provides no income to its shareholders. Trump criticized its taxes during the campaign. When he got elected it made a slight, fleeting dent in the stock price. Last month, it soared past 1,000 dollars per share, bringing its overall value to just shy of 480 billion.

Much of this figure can be attributed to the insane monetary policy plaguing the planet. With interest rates near zero and QE to Armageddon, a bank account is not a viable place to put savings for someone who works for a living and doesn’t want it to evaporate. At this late stage, everybody is forced to play a game they know is rigged and just hope for the best. As Tony Soprano once intoned about stocks: “You godda be high up in the corporate structure to make that shit work for you!” The average American is as skeptical of stocks as they are of politicians. In both cases, they’ve become despised and yet unavoidable.

Next, let’s discuss the hollowing out of America. This existential issue went unnoticed by the MSM until they got blindsided by the 2016 election. The growth of Amazon has paralleled the destruction of small and also large businesses. In a highly regulated, Obamacare business environment, it’s difficult to compete with a huge, well-connected entity like Amazon. Even Best Buy is on the ropes. We’re only halfway into 2017 and the retail closure rate seems likely to exceed even the recession period of 2008.

In my neck of the woods, a substantial portion of Amazon’s sales numbers can be understood in the context of demographics. For denizens of an area plagued by the incessant grotesqueries of diversity, online shopping allows them to live a more comfortable lifestyle. It’s cheap, convenient way not to confront a truth they’re psychologically incapable of accepting.

If I wanted to buy something as a kid, it would require a trip to a place like my local mall. My last trip there was a few years ago.I did it just out of misguided nostalgia. Unfortunately, it reminded me of why I shop online for everything but groceries. I was immediately confronted by the worst refuse that humanity has to offer. In this southern equivalent of Mos Eisley Spaceport, an obese mud shark was the most upstanding specimen in sight. I should also note that this was the first place I’d heard the phrase “chingada” uttered on American soil.

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From mall to wasteland in a generation

I walked past an “Africa Sensations” nail salon, and began to peruse the offerings of a custom “RIP dead homie” t-shirt shop. This was standard attire at my former prison high school, but I hadn’t seen them in quite a while. Then I turned around and noticed that there was still a lingerie shop in business. I mused about how peculiar was to peddle such extravagances in a place where everyone was clearly too fat to wear them. I promptly made a U-turn, walking past an Auntie Anne’s Pretzel kiosk staffed by some mystery meat who probably carried every letter of Hepatitis. When I got to my car (in a parking lot where dozens had been shot over the years), I closed the door and muttered: “Hitler was onto something”. I sped home and made my purchase on Amazon.

Shortly thereafter, a promising young man of color found himself the recipient of lead in front of that lingerie supplier. It was in broad daylight, on camera, of course. Brilliant! I attributed this calculated feat to sheer African cunning.His disgruntled associates had waited for the perfect opportunity to shoot him with impunity. This and countless other incidents (mob attacks go without saying) scared away all of the customers without melanin. The mall closed and now it’s just another massive concrete wasteland. Score one for Bezos!

Conventional retail continues to implode. By some projections, a quarter of the malls in this country will soon follow the fate of my local shithole. There are countless websites catering to atomized SWPL business now. It’s the future and I can’t fault them for trying to cash on it. There’s undeniable logic to how they’re selling shit. Even for 5 bucks, why take the risk of standing in line for a potentially carcinogenic pizza at Little Caesar’s when you could subscribe to Blue Apron? Maybe Amazon has some competition on the horizon but I doubt it.

Finally, let’s discuss the Deep State. Bezos has a 600 million dollar contract with the CIA for a vague “cloud storage” project. In a total coincidence, he bought some money-hemorrhaging newspaper you may have heard of called The Washington Post. In his own words, he made the 250 million dollar purchase “with no due diligence”ostensibly to enhance democracy.  For the preservation of sanity, I’d largely tuned out of the MSM, so I wasn’t aware of the acquisition at the time it happened.

My attention was called later by the triumphal coverage of a “Prop or Not List” shortly after the election. I hadn’t been aware, but voters weren’t driven by existential issues or appalling corruption. In reality, I was either a “useful idiot” of the supervillain Vladimir Putin or a recipient of his money. Keep in mind that this story propelled the absurd hysteria that’s driven the news cycle ever since. This paper is leading the anti-Trump hysteria mainly by publishing a flurry of supposed leaks from “anonymous intelligence sources” that never amount to anything but serve to undermine the president’s legitimacy.

The Deep State (the CIA in particular) has a long history of exactly this sort of activity, stretching back from Operation Mockingbird decades ago until present. For example, it came to light last year that the Pentagon paid British PR firm Bell-Pottinger roughly 540 million to produce propaganda during the Iraq War. Its tasks included making fake Al-Qaeda videos. Much of this had to be approved by General David Petraeus, who later became head of the CIA.  Hell, you can even read about this chicanery in “Mother Jones” or “Salon”. In the context of the dishonesty required to undertake such an effort and the sums of money expended to carry it out, does a mere 250 million for the straw purchase of a marquee newspaper seem unreasonable? In his classic fashion, Trump sniffed something out but couldn’t precisely articulate the source of the stench.

This contemporary process of becoming an oligarch through the destruction of civilization always seems to culminate in the same delusional fantasy. Bezos has started a spaceship company called “Blue Origin” to blast us into the future. I guess he aspires to make Amazon a real-life Weyland-Yutani Corporation. Perhaps he thinks that we’ll all be taking orders from an android that looks like him. My prediction? We’ll be begging for water from some real-life version of the Immortan Joe.

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-By Tom Shackleford