Knights of the Round Season 3: Episode 3

This episode a new knight joins us from beyond Hadrian’s wall, to talk about all things Scottish. Whats Scotland’s place in the UK past and present? Is the SNP finished? Do the Scots really hate the English? And also the latest news from the Grenfield tower fire in London. So put on your Kilt, ready your bagpipes and warm up the haggis!


  1. I support Wallace’s and the Bruce’s struggle for independence and fully appreciate the attempts of Sir George Lockhart and others to keep Scotland out of the union (from what I can gather it seems like unionism was pushed through via bribes and other shady practices), but now? I really don’t see how independence will make things in Scotland any better, in fact given the current crop of leading lesbians and “nationalists”, independence would probably make matters worse! I would only support independence at this stage if it would strengthen the right in England and Wales.