The Failure of Faux Secession: The True Story of the Conch Republic

As Southerners, we are used to living under the fist of an imposing empire. So why on April 23rd 1982, did we stay silent when a small island in the Florida Keys successfully secede?  With no shots fired and a single protest over a United States Border Patrol check points hindering tourism, they gained their independence from the United States empire, or so we thought.

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What could have been.

Sometime in ’82 United States Border Patrol agents set up a road block and inspection point on US 1 north of the Miami-Dade County Road 905A on ramp onto US 1.

These were the only two roads at the time that connected the Florida Keys to the mainland. This check point was set up in front of a local bar named the Last Chance Saloon. All vehicles were stopped and illegally inspected by Border Patrol agents looking for narcotics and illegal immigrants. This ultimately hurt the tourist industry in the Keys causing a slump in the economy.

While the United States federal government was actively destroying the economy of Key West, the requests by the city council to voice their complaints against this invasion by federal forces were ignored.  Their attempts to get an injunction against the roadblock was a failure.

In a protest against this federal over-reach, the mayor of Key West, Dennis Marlow, along with the city council, declared the city of Key West independent from the United States on April 23rd 1982. Marlow was proclaimed the Prime Minister of the newly formed Conch Republic. This declaration of independence and establishment of an independent republic forced the Border Patrol roadblock to be removed – allowing for tourism to be revived in the Keys.

While this was essentially a publicity stunt and a faux secession, it allowed for the voices of the small city to be heard by our illegal occupiers. This event should give us inspiration to push forward. While they were still considered a micronation, it wasn’t long before they asked for federal aid from the United States government. It wasn’t just Dixie that missed an opportunity to secede from the United States Empire, it was the whole of America.

All the different regions missed the only opportunity to secede peacefully. We could have seen the end of the American Empire in 1982 (who knows how that would have played out, but there was a bit of momentum based off the Conch Republic).

The interesting tale of the Conch Republic leaves a few questions to be answered. Why didn’t our fathers and grandfathers stand up for our cause? How was such a ridiculous publicity stunt so successful to gain “independence”? We all know the who controls most media, why would they let the goyim secede successfully, and did they know something the people of the Conch Republic didn’t? Or is it something more sinister? Could it have been a plot by international elites to show that even though you gain independence, you’ll still need the tit of (((globalists))) to survive in the modern world?

We all want to be free from the Empire and have various ideas on how to achieve that. Balkanization is our only help to survive and if we couldn’t lend a helping hand to our brothers in The Conch Republic, will we as Dixians get a helping hand of those we consider outsiders?

-By Alex Casto


  1. Interesting little piece, about an event that I was unaware of. (It happened a year before my birth). I thought that the line “Balkanization is our only help to survive” was quite accurate. even if the U.S.A. contained only white folk, our national origins, vast size, carrying geography (and thus economy), and past “differences” (aka 1861-65) leave America in a very poor position to be one country. I think the Balkanization of Imperial America is not only inevitable, but desirable.

  2. i lived in key west right before all this, from ’79 to ’81 (while in the navy). everything key westers did was LARPing, BUT LARPing is pretty effective! back then the town politics were gay & cuban controlled. but the town economy was tourism, drug running hippies, & navy. probably hasn’t changed much except for more jew influence. the power of LARPing can’t be understated: there’s an emotional resonance to it, plus you end up getting in less trouble! symbolism sends a message without causing irrational freakouts. which the left is prone to!