Helicopter Mom: Episode 20 – Vittoria, Herbalism in the Momarchy

Helicopter Mom is a Christian, right wing, and Traditionalist podcast. Your hosts this week are Julia, Rachel, Evelyn, and our friend Vittoria Morecraft joins us as a guest. Evelyn provides our recipe segment this week.


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HM Blog: helicoptermomcast.wordpress.com/

Arc Media: www.arcmedia.org/

Identity Dixie: identitydixie.com/


Show Topics:

  1. Who is Vittoria
  2. Natural leftist moms are almost us
  3. Husbands pushing wives towards the trad path
  4. Herbs and fertility
  5. What does a stay at home mom actually do


  1. Based Bible
  2. Listener mail
  3. Advice for new fathers
  4. Hierarchy in the home
  5. Completely avoid ladies with troubled family lives or go for it anyway?
  6. What qualities should you look for in a woman?