Knights of the Round Season 3: Episode 2

In this episode the Knights discuss the results of the early snap election; the latest political gamble since brexit. Has the gamble paid off? What happened to UKIP? What is the left’s next move? And also the latest terror cover ups in merry old England. So grab your swingometer as we make sense of the new political landscape in the UK.



  1. Its funny that in the UK you don’t know about the politics of the other countries within the union, but I would say this has helped the DUP stay so conservative. They’ve been able to fly under the radar. I fear now that they will feel great pressure to liberalize. Certainly the dyke who heads the Scottish tories has called for this.

    In terms of the Plaid Cymru, the founder was essentially a trad reactionary, but very quickly it was taken over by social democrats. However, it was only recently with the influx of horrid cretins like Leanne Wood (the current leader) that its become so pozzed. She and her cronies are feminists from Labourite families who went into the Plaid Cymru with the intent of completely subverting it.