Sportsball & Rape – Who Would Have Thought?

Here we have it folks, another off-season in college football, another slew of rape and other sexual related charges by blacks all over the country. This is not a new thing. Literally every year you hear about some “good boy” that just happened to have a few drinks and act on every primitive instinct there was to act on. I mean, you give alcohol, something that lowers inhibition to a congress of baboons, a creature with little to no inhibition as it is, you are bound to have these issues of them “muh dicking” all over the place.

Before we delve into the specifics of a few cases let me first say that all of these problems could be solved tomorrow if blacks were forbidden to attend institutions of higher education. Black athletes especially. From birth they underachieve, living in single parent households where the mother lets her little ape run wild. From their time of evolving in the jungle they have become athletic. Their athleticism is the only reason these schools take these people. The revenue they bring in from Joe Six Pack and his buddies going to the game, watching at home getting fat and gross is enough incentive for the people that run these universities, the bastions of degeneracy we as white men send our daughters to, to allow the flow of sexually violent animals in. They have no place in the halls of higher education. Their stupidity and culture of constant “muh oppression” brings the standards of the school down and exposes the white students to danger. Our education systems have been sold out for Traquarius and Tyeesha to come and dribble a basketball, catch some passes and rape some women.

This past Tuesday, we had a trio of sex thirsty primates charged with an array of sexual charges stemming from an incident on January 17. The three were players at Michigan State University. Josh King, Demetric Vance and Donnie Corley, Jr. are the three defendants. These three were at a party one night when Toby King decides “aayy man, i be wanting dis woman.” So he alledgedly pulls this woman into the bathroom with him and when she says she doesn’t want to have sex with him, it’s rape time. He forces her to perform oral sex on him. Then when that wasn’t enough for him, he pulls her pants down and rapes her. Don’t you think the assault was finished – no way. He then let’s his two friends in the bathroom as well. Toby Vance and Toby Corley, Jr. enter the bathroom and forced the woman to perform oral sex on them. The victim collapsed on the floor and the animals left the bathroom.

Image: Former Michigan State football player Demetric Vance
“I think he’s an upstanding young man. He has no criminal history whatsoever,” per his attorney
When interviewed by police, King denied  having sex with anyone the night in question. Police then obtained a search warrant for his cell phone and found a video of him having sex with the victim on the “alleged” night. On top of that, there was a group message thread indicating the trios involvement. All three when interviewed of course replied “I DINDU NUFFIN OFFICUH.” The latter two Tobys admitted receiving oral sex eventually.
Personally, I’m not surprised. This happens every year. Its going to continue to happen every year too. Until the white man can shed his worship of sportsball and see the blacks for what they really are – low IQ savages). This behavior will continue. The audience is too big, and money rules everything, goy.
– By Indrid Cold