Helicopter Mom Episode 19: Kelly U Gah, The Path Forward

This is Helicopter Mom, a Christian, right wing, and Traditionalist podcast. Your hosts this week are Julia, Rachel, Evelyn, and our friend Kelly U Gah joins us as a guest. Kelly provides our recipe segment, and does a wonderful job of it of course. And once again, Volkmom has a very professional sounding, very interesting homesteading segment. Thank you so much ladies!


This episode has an accompanying article: helicoptermomcast.wordpress.com/2017/06/0…-forward/

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In the first section of the show, we discuss why you shouldn’t wait to have kids until you’re older and why you should be a “townie”.

In the middle of the show, Julia lays our the beginings of her view of what our path forward should be, followed by some discussion.

And in the final section of the show, Rachel does a white pill filled based bible segment. We read and respond to some listener mail, discuss boycotting companies, fashion, books for traditionalists, and why Twilight is actually not that pozzed.