Götterdämmerung – Time to Sh*t or Get Off the Pot

Every one talks a good game, but when it comes down to crunch time they fold or make excuses. We (ID and the Greater Alt-Right) have a platform here – and it’s purpose is to inform and awaken our Folk. This isn’t game we are engaged in. It is war. As with any war if the unit engaged in battle is not cohesive, its defeat is practically guaranteed.

Many of us have families and jobs and have very little time to spare. And yet, many of our brethren make the effort despite these limitations to provide content. Every day, even if one normie wakes up to our impending demographic Götterdämmerung, it is a small victory.  While others lay around and do nothing. There is no excuse for this. Either you are in this or you are not. That includes folks that read this website on a daily basis.

Everyone needs to do something – share an article, send out a Tweet, sign-up for our vetting group – hell, just voice your opinion.

There is no straddling or letting others do the work and then others act like they have contributed and have not. This ‘Thing‘ of ours does not maintain itself. It does not meter and guide itself. It takes man power. It takes dedication.

If you are a hobbyist. If you are just in this for the bantz – then just go. We have no need for you. Many of our brothers write and create content despite their own personal limitations and talents. They do it out of sheer will and love for their People.

Image result for white demographic decline
This will not end well

If you have need of help because of a limitation of some sort, I think I can say with all due honesty all of us here will do what is needed to help you wake up more people – write an article, create a meme,  make a podcast, donate to your favorite Alt-Right group, refer a friend to TRS, Occidental Dissent or Daily Stormerbut damn it just do something.

Shit posting on the internet has it’s merits, but it will not alone change the disaster that is developing in front of our eyes. Please for the love of God and our Dixie do something.

Those who do not take advantage of this or just let others carry their load for them are the worst among us. If you will not help then what value are you to this movement?

What have you done to help our Folk awaken and become who they are? It’s time to put away the games of children and get down to the business of defending our People and building a society and future for our children. This starts by contributing to our cause with your talents and time.

One thought on “Götterdämmerung – Time to Sh*t or Get Off the Pot

  1. As I set here reading ID with breakfast, a decent looking young white woman just walked in the restaurant door. She has a little blonde toddler girl with her -and a mulatto baby in a baby carrier. This is living proof of this article’s assertion that we all need to pitch in to awaken our people. How do you awaken a girl who has produced a child with a non-white, a child that is of her own body? You do not. We MUST awaken them before they do this!

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