The Results of Interspecies Child Care

A mother gazelle wouldn’t leave her baby to be watched by lions. A mother seal wouldn’t place her baby in the care of the sharks. Can you think of a reason why whites should leave their children to be taken care of by blacks. Looking at not only appearance, but also in actions, one can see that blacks just aren’t the same as whites. They are more prone to violence, they are far less intelligent and they have no sense of value when it comes to the life of their own people, let alone a member of another group. I must ask, why do white parents continue to allow for blacks to take care of and be alone with their kids?

Now, while I admit openly admit that I am a racist, it is not just opinion that blacks should not, under any circumstances, be trusted with the responsibility of caring for white children. We’ll take a look at some statistics from 2015.
That year, blacks were the most likely group to abuse their own offspring at a rate of 14.5 for every 1000, with ages 2-5 most common. This is of the 172,000 cases reported. Not taking into account the thousands of cases that have not been reported.  That makes blacks, in a statistical sense, nearly two times as likely to abuse  their own.
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Marquita Burch killed one of her own and stuffed him in a garbage bag. Nice shirt.
Based on the lack of agency (neglect is most common form of abuse) they exercise in caring for their own children one can assume, and with justification, that they’d treat white babies worse. Blacks are openly hostile towards whites and in their minds our children will grow up to be the oppressors of their children (God willing). So in essence, black childcare workers are there for not just a paycheck, but also to damage our offspring with their neglect, stupidity and downright violence.
Caleb Collins smashed a white child’s skull for touching his PS4

Let’s talk about this last week alone. On Tuesday in Baltimore, Reese Bowman, an eight month old white girl,  was tortured to death by 23 year old chimpanzee Leah Walden at Rocket Tiers Learning Center. The ape had placed excessive blankets on the child, including over her face thereby making breathing uncomfortable. She also ripped her out of her crib by one arm, swung her around by one arm and was swinging at the child as if she was slapping her. All the while, this canopy dweller looked around her to see if anyone was watching. She even took the child out of sight from the cameras to do whatever abhorrent things her animalistic mind could think of.

Thankfully she was seen on camera committing the atrocities or else she would probably be abusing any white child she can get her hands on. She was charged Thursday with first degree murder.

When will the white man understand we must free ourselves from the belief blacks are equal? How many more cases of abuse must happen before we march each and every black out of our child care facilities and right to where they belong? Since it is unlikely that the majority of whites will ever understand these truths, it is my opinion we simply cannot share the planet with them.

-By Indrid Cold