Civil Rights: Our Lost War.

It was not a “Movement”, it was a War.
A war the White Man did not win.

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Chicago, April 1968: Does this look like the aftermath of a ‘civil disturbance’, as the government called it? Or does this look like the aftermath of war?

Between the years 1963-1973, blacks and liberals used 5,000 race riots, 250,000 arson fires, along with race mutiny in the U.S. Military during Vietnam and the Cold War, to bring the US government to its knees. The end result being the installation of the civil rights laws that created a ‘New’ Society in their own image but without Freedom. Liberals hate Freedom as any free man could say ‘No!’ and opt out of such a system.

A few of the many, many riots of 1964 as an example of what those 10 years were like.

  1. New York City – July 18–23 – 1 killed – 144 injured – 519 arrested – 541 stores damaged
  2. Rochester – July 24–25 – 4 killed–350 injured– 976 arrested–204 stores damaged
  3. Jersey City – August 2–4 – 46 injured–52 arrested – 71 stores damaged
  4. Paterson – August 11–13 – 8 injured – 65 arrested – 20 stores damaged
  5. Elizabeth – August 11–13 – 6 injured – 18 arrested – 17 stores damaged
  6. Chicago – August 16–17 – 57 injured–80 arrested–2 stores damaged
  7. Philadelphia – August 28–30 – 341 injured – 774 arrested – 225 stores damaged

In the days after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., it is estimated that there were over 500 black race riots in hundreds of American cities.

From the Congressional Record as D.C. burned 1968: Rep. Jack Edwards

In this atmosphere of violence, riots, looting, and burning, charged with emotions, we are asked to legislate. People are saying that now we must pass the civil rights bill. And we are told that it must be done now —- without proper debate. Just pass it and get the riots stopped. But what happens then? Where does it stop? Must we pass a new law every time there is a riot?

From the U.S. Congressional Record as D.C. Burned 1968: Rep. John Dowdy

Let us not forget that the police power has broken down under racial attack in the past few days….do we really want to create this situation in the suburbs? We are being asked to forget the Constitution, to destroy the private property system on which our nation has been built, and to further endanger the life and limb of our citizenry, young and old, to grant special privileges to a 10% minority group.

From the U.S. Congressional Record as D.C. burned 1968: Rep. Watkins Abbitt

Never before in a free society has it been contemplated that the Government had a right to tell free people that they cannot sell their homes to whomever they choose. A man’s home is supposedly in a free land to be his castle and here we find that the leadership of our Nation is trying to strike down this concept and compel free men and women to give up the right to control their own property and dispose of it as they see fit. … Disorder is rampant in the land— arson, armed robbery, murder, and rioting in the streets. The Nation is faced with armed insurrection and nothing worthwhile is being done by the administration to suppress it—only containment. Here we are today being asked to pass more civil rights legislation to deprive our law-abiding citizens of their rights and privileges. It is shocking to me that we now find ourselves in such a situation. It is shotgun action calculated to intimidate enough of the Members because of the grief throughout our land over the recent killing of a prominent citizen and the armed insurrection on the other hand of a vast lawless element.

From the U.S. Congressional Record as D.C. burned in 1968: Rep. James O’Hara

The Johnson administration is threatening your Representative with a complete cut-off of Federal contracts in your district if he does not vote “yea” “But these threats are nothing compared with the active campaign of intimidation, terror and blackmail being waged by black power and civil-rights militants who plan to burn down the districts of those voting “nay.” Some Members of Congress have even been threatened with physical violence against their persons and families.

Parts of Washington DC, were still BURNING as President Johnson, (LBJ) signed the “Fair Housing Act of 1968” into Law. Liberals in high places used their power to cover up the vast majority of these race riots, then and today, to promote their own political agendas. I find the book burning by the elite white liberals so offensive in every way. This is America and not the old Soviet Union, after all. Turning America into an Orwellian ‘1984’ has to be fought by those that can fight. Especially when those white liberal elitists rewrite U.S. history to brainwash an entire generation of America’s children.

An example of their handiwork comes from an article in the South Bend Tribune from December 16, 2000 by Ken Bradford. Dan Myers, a sociology professor at the University of Notre Dame, almost by accident, controls the archives from the Lemberg Center for the Study of Violence, formerly at Brandeis University which detail race riots that occurred between 1966 and 1973. “Previously, research said there were a couple hundred race riots during that period.” he said. “We haven’t been through everything here yet, but we already know of at least 3,500 incidents.” What happened to all the rest? Thousands of black race riots were deleted from U.S. history to pave the way, with lies, for an Obama (black) presidency.


I consider the massive race riot of Martin Luther King Jr. of May 12, 1963, in Birmingham, Alabama as the start of the modern Civil Rights movement. From April 3 to May 12, 1963 Martin Luther King Jr. personally lead a 6 week long siege on Birmingham that ended with a race riot so terrible as to shock all of America with its level of violence. Two other ‘support’ race riots, in other cities, also ensued as a sign of black solidarity. JFK was so terrified of a black uprising across all of America that he gave to Congress the Civil Rights Act of 1964 within 38 days of King’s race riot and had a nationally televised speech to the nation on June 11, 1963 on civil rights in which he mentioned mass black violence 12 times and called the civil rights movement a ‘Revolution’.

With JFK’s unintended encouragement, blacks continued to riot. In total 5,000 race riots, 250,00 race riot fires from 1963 to 1973 to “win” through terrorism and extortion their civil rights laws. The role of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the entire “non-violent” Civil Rights Movement, was transformed into that of a white facade, a guise or masquerade of lies for the benefit of the white liberals and the television cameras.

Simply put, the maligned practice of discrimination is the freedom of choice in practice. It was this Freedom that separated free men from slaves as a free man could choose whom he associated with and a slave could not. For 350 years, Americans were free to hire whom they chose, free to serve whom they chose and free to sell their home to whom they chose, without a federal gun to their heads, as today’s Americans have. They were FREE to be their own Masters and not mere serfs working in a government shop.

That legacy of Freedom ended with the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Ended just to stop blacks and liberals from burning America to the ground. Terrorist appeasement and nothing else. Blacks, a mere 12% of the population at that time, acquired vast powers over America by the ‘liberal’ use of violence and terrorism.


They even used the tactic of race mutiny in the U.S. Military during the Cold War and Vietnam. For those of you wondering what in the hell the military was doing while America was being reduced to a burnt out ghetto, well, they had their own problems. The military was racially fractured, very volatile and at war with itself. Federal power was crippled by black assassinations of white officers.

Historian Terry Anderson of Texas A&M University had this to say, “The US Army itself does not know exactly how many (white) officers were murdered. But, they know of at least 600 were murdered, and then they have another 1400 that died mysteriously. Consequently by early 1970, the Army [was] at war not with the enemy but with itself.”

Glen Ford said this, “We were at war stateside, as well. I was among 6,000 soldiers of the 82nd Airborne Division that occupied Washington D.C. in the aftermath of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. assassination, April 1968. Black troops made up about half of the division’s line units. We were aware that the near lily-white New Jersey National Guard had gone on a killing rampage on the streets of Newark the previous year, and we made it unmistakably clear to white soldiers that no harm was to come to the D.C. (black) population. Nobody got hurt. The black soldiers of the 82nd had the “critical mass” to kick ass, (mutiny) if provoked.”

A declassified August 28, 1967 CIA report details the following, “North Vietnamese morale has been boosted considerably by the Civil Rights and the ‘Black Power’ movement in the United States. The North Vietnam government has indicated to the French Mission in Hanoi that the riots and the emergence of the ‘Black Power’ movement signal the beginning of a popular revolution in the United States against the ruling classes. The North Vietnamese government also believes that the Civil Rights disturbances will adversely affect American participation in the Vietnam War. The United States government will be forced to divert large sums of money to educational, housing, and other social reforms to maintain the loyalty of the underprivileged elements and prevent them from joining the ranks of the Civil Rights dissidents. The North Vietnamese further believe that the United States will have to maintain more troops in the United States to control the rioters.”


LBJ was the first US President to capitulate to terrorist demands after numerous terrorist attacks (5,000 black race riots, 1963-1973). But he (smartly) used black terrorism to reinforce his party’s civil rights aristocracy, as almost all of the new powers and special privileges of these laws could only be used by blacks/women/liberals against their arch enemy, white men, AKA Republicans. It is funny, in a very dark way, here LBJ was killing MILLIONS of Vietnamese AND tens of thousands of Americans, in the name of stopping Marxist ideology in Vietnam while using centralized federal control to impose Marxist style redistribution of everything and everyone right here in America in the name of Civil Rights.

by A F Cerny