Cautionary Tale – Be Smart. Don’t Go Rogue

Every day when I get to my office my morning ritual includes grabbing a cup-o-joe, booting up the computer, and checking the Google News headlines. Over time Google has gotten smarter with the news, configuring the articles it shows me first in its newswire in a curious attempt to cater to my specific interests. It seems Google has been spying on me. It knows my habits and routines, and it tries to please me. In some ways I like it because I get to see the news that actually interests me. In other ways it is a stark reminder that Google is tracking my web activity, internet searches, browser history … who knows how they’re monitoring me exactly? But one thing is for certain, I am being monitored. And that gives me pause.

Amazon does it, too. I’m an Amazon Prime member, and it’s well worth the hundred bucks a year in my opinion. I do a lot of shopping on Amazon, mostly for obscure things that I wouldn’t know where to buy locally. Over the years I’ve bought hop rhizomes, memory foam seat cushions, genuine Tony Stark Iron Man sunglasses, and all sorts of obscure must-haves and impulse buys. Sometimes my Amazon surfing bleeds over into other areas of the Internet, as I will click on a page and a pop-up ad or side banner will present itself on the web site I was actually trying to view, showing the item I viewed on Amazon yesterday but opted not to buy. I then quietly think to myself that Amazon is watching me again, colluding with others across the internet to subvert my will and compel me to buy the many wares they peddle but that I do not really need.

We are all being watched. It is not even a question of “if?” anymore, it is just a question of “when?”. And all we can do is just assume that the answer to “when?” is “always” and “every time, everywhere, and every place you click that mouse.”

And, of course, if Google and Amazon can do it, you better believe the Government can do it, too. It’s not even a conspiracy theory anymore, it’s fact. Edward Snowden told you so. He told you that they store your internet traffic and the meta data of your cell phone calls in huge databanks, and they can recall your electronic communications at will. He told you they have simple browsers and search engines that can do the job, and he told you that all they need is your name, your email address, your phone number or some other innocuous piece of information about you, and with a few keystrokes they’re all up in your business, reading your private emails, viewing your web traffic, turning on your laptop webcam to see what you’re doing or querying your cell phone GPS to find out where you are in the real world. He told you all of this stuff, and the one way you absolutely should know that it’s true is because they’ve run him out of the country for telling it to you. He’s a man without a home, and all because he was trying to tell you what your government was doing, or could do, to you. And if you’re like most people, you didn’t listen.

We are not like most people. We have taboo thoughts, and we know we have taboo thoughts. We know it because we’re constantly reminded by the normies we confide in, by our enemies, and even by those that ought to be our allies yet prefer to virtue signal and chastise us for believing what should be readily apparent and intuitively obvious to even the most casual observer. The Bell Curve, crime statistics, the poor impulse control of some races, that diversity is no virtue, that truly free association is a virtue, and well, you know the list. We are not like most people. We pay attention.

Anyone with more than two brain cells to rub together can connect the dots and understand what I’m getting at here. We’re “bad” people with “bad” thoughts, and we’re being watched. It’s enough to make a person paranoid, and it does. But, as Jospeh Heller put it, “just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean that they’re not after you”.

Take a look at any Alt-Right online forum or white nationalist internet discussion group and you’ll see what I’m talking about. The inferences that “he’s a Fed” or that “he’s a troll” or that some new member is an instigator, agitator, or agent provocateur are often repeated and readily apparent. Sometimes the accusation may be subtler and met with crickets chirping and the deafening silence of the rest of the membership simply being unresponsive, but rather metaphorically nodding in agreement with their silence in the hopes that the mods will take apropos action before the suspected Federal agent can take special interest in them personally.

And there is, of course, the issue of the actual crazies, the loons, and the violent, angry nut-jobs that are just looking for a reason to be set off. None of us wants to deal with lunatics. And if that guy that posted about wanting to “kill the nigger lovers” and inquired about “how should we incite the race war?” isn’t a Fed then he’s definitely a loony. People that don’t work for the government, aren’t just trolling, and are in their right minds don’t make such statements. I mean, they couldn’t actually be *that* stupid. No, it’s an either-or scenario here, Fed or loon, and neither option is acceptable. That guy gets the ban-hammer, post haste. We cannot be affiliated with criminals when it is obvious to all of us that Big Brother is watching and just waiting for us to fuck up and reveal our hand.

But are those really the only choices? Might these not just be misguided individuals that could be saved if only someone talked them down? Yeah, possibly. But who has the time, desire, or wherewithal to deal with potentially dangerous loons in the off chance that they may be reasoned with and might one day prove themselves useful? Christopher Scott Kyle already proved empirically that this can be a dangerous proposition.

Image result for guy who killed chris american sniper
Eddie Ray Routh – Murdered Chris Kyle

But do we really need another rogue going off on a killing spree? Dylan Roof, James Harris Jackson, Devon Arthurs et al. every time one of these sorts of miscreants goes full blown “Pvt. Leonard ‘Gomer Pyle’ Lawrence” it sets the rest of us back a tremendous span in an effort to redpill the masses and bring about real and lasting change that we’d all like to see. No amount of logic, reasoning, or rational discussion is going to convince a normie to swallow that red pill if it evidently makes people go batshit crazy, running off on shooting and stabbing rampages, as evidenced by the many MSM articles we read on Google News every other day.

But social media *will* drive a sane person nuts, that’s for sure. Even if you recognize the fact that more than half the people you encounter on a Facebook thread or in the comments section of a Youtube video are just trying to piss you off, there is still the fact that 50% of the population has below average intelligence by definition. So a sane person trying to rationalize with internet trolls and dumb people is bound to lose his mind eventually. And sanity is only a tenuous thread that we’re all holding on to that could snap at any moment anyway. So maybe we could put ourselves into the shoes of that perceived loon for just a moment. I know it’s cliché, but humor me. If you’re reading this then you probably spend too much time on the internet, don’t have anything else to do, and could probably wig out at any moment, so give your fellow nutjobs some empathy and put yourself in their shoes for two minutes, bud.

To be young is to yearn for a sense of belonging. I’d bet that most of us came to this movement looking for something. We wanted to connect with others with like minds and to feel like we had found a family. Imagine being an introverted geek with taboo thoughts, no social skills, and a reasonably high IQ. These are not the sorts of characteristics girls are looking for, and rejection can become a way of life for a guy that Nature, in her own twisted way, has dealt a pretty crummy hand. Rejection leads to isolation, isolation can give way to resentment and, in turn, anger, eventually culminating in lashing out with violence. And that, as I’ve said, does not benefit us either individually or as a tribe.

So, what can and should we do? Should we ignore the outbursts and violent rhetoric of the weird new guy? Should we coddle them and stroke their egos and tell them to tone it down a little? Should we try to reason with them, befriend them, take them under our wing and guide them. Or should we reject them completely and cast them out, bringing the ban-hammer squarely down upon their brow with the force of the almighty god Thor?

Obviously the appropriate response should be on a case-by-case basis where all things are considered. But, more importantly, there are some things that we can all do beforehand that might make a difference.

Disavow offensive violence with your brethren. Advocate it only subtly in public, in innuendo, without specific threats, and always remaining legal with your language. Never give them a reason to call the cops, and never give the cops a reason to come looking for you. Subtlety beats drama every time. Let me elaborate.

Why disavow offensive violence with your brethren? It’s one thing to joke about ovens and concentration camps and that Hitler did nothing wrong and about filling potter’s graves with the bones of Jews and the fifth column leftists. Levity can go a long way in tense situations, and I believe the white race is in a tense situation.

Image result for Trump putting in an oven meme
These are offensive jokes, not reality

But we must be clear with those who are our allies and might be confused on this point. Offensive violence will not work, and it makes us the enemy of all neutral parties. We are fighting for the proverbial hearts and minds of those in the middle who are in play. Threatening violence or worse, actually carrying out violent acts, will marginalize us further – furthermore, we don’t conduct or condone violence. And make no mistake, our beliefs are already pretty far marginalized. We are gaining ground, though, so don’t go rogue and fuck it up. And help keep our young impressionables in line and in the fold by making this your personal credo when behind closed doors with those who are your tribesman.

When few, feign many. Appear strong when weak. Attack when you appear to be defending. It’s great to troll the enemies of our cause. It breaks their spirit, and our presence makes them know we are unified and strong-willed and that their protestations and admonitions do not impede us.

It is the duty of all to make certain it is understood by the dimmest or most impressionable among us. We don’t need any more killer rogues. Be smart. Help your brothers understand that we are stronger with them in our ranks than dead or in a prison cell.

-By Nyte Weyshun