Anarcho-Tyranny & The Overmountain Men

I would have rather lived in the 18th century. The Overmountain militiamen of “Watauga country” didn’t know the burdens of urbanization or the large populations, technology, and big government that accompany it. They did know the King’s antagonistic empire, but not the so entrenched and all-seeing governments we face now. The difference between the Overmountain men and the King’s Loyalists were numbers and assets, but the technology of their warfare was more of an even playing field than it is now, between modern man and our modern government.

Nowadays, a man might have a gun or two, but the federal empire has LRADs, machine guns, body armor, MRAPs, encrypted communication systems, intel agencies fueled by invasive surveillance technology, etc. We are no longer on an even playing field when it comes to the tools of war.

Added to this are the other modern forms of warfare used against us by the (((corporatocracy))) including: propaganda, the poisoning of the food, air, water, pharmaceuticals, mental, emotional and spiritual environments, heavy taxation, debt slavery, lawfare, and anarcho-tyranny.

Anarcho-tyranny, for all intents and purposes, is selective law enforcement based on a state agenda.

The Overmountain men also knew anarchy from living on the early American frontier. They often fought against the Cherokee and other tribes who would attack them. Back then, the population was thin, technology was manual, and you were the law. Now, not so much.

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America used to be a serious country.

Anarchy is still something our people face. We can see in Manchester, England, that terrorism is common, as is child rape and sex slavery, but the police are more likely to go after the Englishmen that simply voice opposition, than after those muslims committing the atrocities. I have heard Englishmen say that you can’t even speak about muslims or the terrorism they emanate.

In Manchester, after a muslim bombed a concert killing 23 people, (mostly White European girls,) the reaction could barely be noticed. The demoralized English people mostly said nothing, and just carried on. Their Metropolitan police department issued an immediate statement, not condemning the event or sympathizing with the victims, but threatening to find and prosecute anyone saying anything, “Islamophobic.”

 photo metropolitan police UK tweet.jpg

The exact same response was given by the mayor of Twin Falls Idaho, after a 5 year old White girl was raped, sodomized and urinated upon by 3 muslim immigrant boys. Don’t say the open obvious truth about these people, or the government will come for you, White people.

Third world savages get to rob, rape, kidnap, enslave, torture and murder our people, and the government attacks the citizenry for daring to even speak about it.

The agenda is to be dispossessed and replaced. They don’t want White Europeans alive because the Communist model of the New World Order does not need creative people, pioneers, inventors, critical thinkers, etc. It needs a compliant working class to faithfully assemble sexbots all day. It is largely WHITE MEN that stick their head above the herd and say, “Hey! What are you (((people))) doing in government and big business? It’s destroying everything!”

After the Manchester bombing, another crazed muslim attacked the vigil holders with an axe. This was followed by a massive show of force where what appeared to be several hundred muslims converged on downtown Manchester. Clearly not an apology on behalf of their tribes’ actions, but a disgusting and gloating celebration of conquest.

From what I experienced online, only White men where calling this event what it was, “Islamic Terrorism.” Everyone else, most prominently WHITE WOMEN, defended Islam. Welcome to BIZARROWORLD, today’s mind virus forecast is reaching levels we never thought possible. Stick around and right after the break we’ll show you how you can sign away your children’s trust fund in exchange for sexual reassignment surgery, all while waiting for drive-thru!

So, to be clear, the brown hordes (be they Cherokee or muslim) bring the crime which they are seldom held accountable for (anarchy) and the state only comes after the targeted class, which in this instance is WHITE PEOPLE, for even so much as a, “micro-aggression” that resists our genocide (tyranny.) *Note – the parties providing the anarchy and the tyranny do not have to be consciously working together or coordinating for Anarcho-Tyranny to exist.

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Our future, but with the police state watching from the sidelines, ready to arrest anyone who fights back against the brown hordes.

When I was walking through the Sycamore Shoals adjoining museum, there was a recording of an actor portraying an Overmountain man. He said he hoped to find safety in these (Appalachian) mountains from both the King’s empire AND the Cherokee Indians. He faced the same forces we do now, Anarcho-Tyranny. Brown hordes and government empires. He ended his monologue with a message I find myself thinking often. He was willing to die so his children would have a better life, a home and liberty. These men gave up everything so we could be here now.

I saw the Sycamore Shoals Fort (a recreation.) I walked beside the raucous Watauga river. I stood in the shade of ancient trees and was held up by the same land the Overmountain men stood upon. I thought to myself, “Those who don’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.” But I will add that the further you dig yourself into a hole, the more work, and suffering, will be required to lift yourself out.

Right now in America, we are being shown a warning. We can see where this anarcho-tyranny is leading. First to Manchester, then to South Africa, where the White South Africans had their monuments, like that of Cecil Rhodes removed, and are now being genocided under the enabling silence of the UN.

In 1780, when British General Lord Cornwallis sent Colonel Patrick Ferguson to fight the (sic) “Patriots,” militiamen from the Carolinas, Virginia and Georgia came together to face the empire that threatened to, “cross the mountains, hang your (Patriot) leaders, and lay waste (sic) your country with fire and sword.” This threat was made because the Overmountain men “opposed the King’s arms.”

The Overmountain men left behind 200 men at Sycamore Shoals to guard against the Cherokee, and marched over the Blue Ridge to King’s mountain where 900 Patriots slew 1,100 Loyalists, including Ferguson, in “65 minutes.”

The Overmountain men recognized the main threat, the empire (Tyranny) and only left a residual force to deal with the Cherokee (Anarchy.) They went for the head of the snake.

We must do the same. It is our governments that pass destructive immigration legislation that begins the invasion process. Muslims, Blacks, Mexicans, etc. It is the kings that keep the gates open.

Like the Overmountain men, we are outnumbered, and attacked on a chaotic front (anarchy) and a methodical one (tyranny.) We are in a hole, (I won’t debate who is most to blame for how low we are now,) we failed to act on what we knew about the past, and now we are repeating that, and from a worse position. Now our suffering will be greater.

However, we have the upper hand in that we are seeing many events unfold on the global stage that haven’t yet manifested in our local areas. From the destabilization of Egypt, to the Cyprus banking theft, to the Venezuela food crisis, to the Islamic terrorism in Manchester, and to the genocide of the Boer in South Africa – WE ARE BEING SHOWN WHAT TO PREPARE FOR.

It is time to come together on the high ground, organize, and prepare to make our stand, as is our God given right to survive. We must become as the Loyalist officer’s described the Overmountain militiamen, “[These were] the most powerful men ever beheld, tall, rawboned, sinewy.” “[They were] from the extreme backwoods…whom no labor could tire and whose rifles seldom missed their mark.


  1. ‘These were] the most powerful men ever beheld, tall, rawboned, sinewy.” “[They were] from the extreme backwoods…whom no labor could tire and whose rifles seldom missed their mark.”’

    Problem today is our fighting age men are mostly weak, fat and averse to labor of any kind. A deep hole in deed, but nothing is impossible.

  2. Great post FreeJCAdams,
    I love how you contrasted a great piece of American history with our current plight. (One of me favorite books on the Southern militia struggle during the American Revolution is Walter Edgar’s “Partisans and Redcoats”). Your comments about the relative danger of the king/controllers versus the brown masses was quite thought provoking. Overall, a very good piece.