Hijacking History (& the Vulgar Misappropriation Thereof)

Awhile back I shared an article on my Facebook wall about a century-old church that had been converted into a skate park. A Facebook friend shared it as well, very aptly referring to the reprehensibly re-purposed church as a “cultural obscenity” and it got me thinking…

This blight upon and disgrace to the noble architecture of that old cathedral is almost as offensive, (when you really think about it) as the cultural appropriation of the minorities. In which they clamor for the benefits and blessings of the hard work and battles won by our fathers of old while denouncing their ideologies as backwards and evil for not being inclusive of those who lack the willpower or wherewithal to give the same to their own people.

While not inherently evil, skating has, like so many things become an obsession and a lifetime pursuit for people even while the civilization that affords them the time and the affluence to partake of such trivial and meaningless leisure is flushed down the memory hole.


Not only has the sport contributed nothing whatsoever to the growth of our civilization or even the preservation of what we already have, but here we have a prime example of how it does something akin to the opposite.
For just as the children of the dark continent to whom the thriving island nation of Haiti was violently and murderously bequeathed did nothing more than to take their blood soaked inheritance and run it into the ground, here we see the art form/sport of skating appropriating a monument to the faith and determination and indomitable spirit of our people and turning it into this den of frivolity.
To consider the remarkable culmination of brain sweat and brow sweat that produced this stunning monument to the dominion mandate;  To reflect upon how thoroughly it embodies the great knowledge the sovereign God of the universe bequeathed to our people and enabled our ancestors to preserve and rediscover throughout the ages and the profoundly beautiful application thereof and then behold how it has been turned into a park whose sole purpose is the exaltation of vain and nescient amusements is practically more than the reverent mind can countenance.
So what would have been a more fitting and appropriate use for that old church? Personally, I would have turned it into a massive library and etched Deuteronomy 29:29 into the columns in gothic, bold-faced font.