A Righteous Cause: Southern Nationalism and the Christian Faith

Fellow Southerners, in the past years and months, we have witnessed an explosion of nationalism and race-realism in right-wing politics and culture, especially as it pertains to the “Alt-Right.” The use of the internet has especially contributed to the rise of the Alt-Right and its popularity amongst young people. There are many positives to this development, not the least of which is the reshaping of the political paradigms of conservatism and the rejection of the impotent, abstracted, propositional views of nationality and identity that have plagued conservatism for so long.

However, these new waters also create new dangers and problematic issues that we must navigate. This article is intended to speak to some of these issues in the broader Alt-Right from a Southern Nationalist and explicitly Christian position, and to distinguish Southern Nationalism from other movements and paradigms in the Alt-Right. It is primarily written to those who are already Southern Nationalists or Southerners in the broader Alt-Right, though I pray that it will be a blessing to any Southern man or woman that reads it.

The South has historically been called the “Bible Belt,” both in positive and negative ways by the outside world, and even in the modern-era, Dixie is explicitly Christian in ways that no other region in North America is. The Christian identity of Dixie is more than just a meme or tongue-in-cheek joke wherein our people are caricatured as anti-intellectual, fundamentalist Bible thumpers by the Left and the mainstream media. Our Christian identity is rooted in the very fabric of our being, and one could even say our Christian faith is in our very blood. Although to be Christian does not make one Southern, to be Southern is to be Christian, in a very meaningful sense. Ever since the cross of Christ was planted in Jamestown in 1607 by our forebears, Dixie has belonged to Jehovah and His Christ.

Image result for first thanksgiving Berkeley Plantation
The First Thanksgiving – at Berkeley Plantation, Virginia

Many modern nationalists in the Alt-Right, however, have nothing but disdain for Christianity. This disdain ranges from an agnostic dismissal of Christianity as outdated and “cucked” beyond repair, to blasphemous statements about our savior that cannot be repeated without committing blasphemy. To be fair, many of the critiques of modern “cucktianity” are entirely legitimate. Modern evangelical Christianity throughout the world has descended largely into effeminate, progressive, spiritualized self-hatred. Many modern Christians have more love for the foreigner than they do for their own people, and many tolerate such abominations as homosexuality, feminism, and third-world immigration. However, this is apostasy from the faith of our fathers, and it is not Christianity in substance.

Because of this apostasy, many in the broader Alt-Right propose leaving Christianity in the dustbin of history. After all, it is what got us into this mess to begin with, right? Some would say that obedience to God is not the way out of our current situation. Christianity is weak, and we must forsake it in favor of a broad alliance with all those who want a future for the white race. If we are to succeed, it will be through revolution, political agitation fomented by “waking people up” to the JQ and white genocide. However, this position fails to move beyond anything but a meaningless, amoral, Nietzsche-esque, “might makes right,” will to power form of nationalism. There is no transcendent moral or religious aspect at play, or at the very least it takes second place to materialistic and utilitarian ends. As Southern Nationalists, we must push back against this worldview with all that we have, and we must never allow such a paradigm of nationalism to take root in our movement or in our hearts and minds.

To cease to be Christian is to cease to be Southern. As such, we must reject the will-to-power worldview of the broader Alt-Right and its obsession with various forms of Continental fascism and nationalism. As Southerners, we have a rich traditionalist and classical heritage. We are part of the historic Christian faith. And as such, we must understand that the survival and well-being of our people will only be accomplished by the Spirit of God, not the arm of men. We cannot will ourselves to political dominance any more than we can will ourselves to salvation.

While the Yankee republic attempts to create by their own hand a brave new future and world, we must understand that human society and politics is controlled by the will of Jehovah, the God of our fathers. As such, it is the favor of the Lord that should be foremost in our minds. With the blessings of God, we will prevail, but if we reject Him in favor of a form of modern anti-christ nationalism, we will be destroyed. Almighty God redeemed us at Calvary, when Christ died not only for us as individuals but for our entire people. We must serve Him and obey His law, for he made us, and this is our greatest duty. God created Dixie as he created every nation on earth, and He wants us to survive and continue, but in obedience to Him.

Southern Nationalism is a holy and righteous cause, commissioned by Almighty God Himself. It cannot be embraced lightly or by those who reject our Savior and His church. And it must not be conformed into the image of the enemies of God who embrace a false and immoral nationalism.

I cannot stress enough that all nationalisms are not equal, and all are not good. This may not be popular or liked by some of us, but all those who claim to be on our side are not truly so. Those who puff themselves up as gods on earth, who seek to advance their cause by their own will and power, who do not bow to Christ and instead hail victory and their own achievements, they are not our friends. Instead of submitting to the yoke of Christ, many of them raise their fist to heaven by embracing degeneracy and some, even Islam. Instead of being content with the created order instituted by God, many who claim to be on our side seek to destroy and overthrow this order, and build in its place a society made in their own image.

Thus saith the Lord: “Take heed unto yourselves, lest ye forget the covenant of the LORD your God, which he made with you, For the LORD thy God is a consuming fire, even a jealous God (Deuteronomy 4:23).” Our people have been redeemed by Christ and sanctified for His purposes, but our people have done much for which we need to repent. Southern nationalism must be that repentance, and not a hardening of our hearts. Southern nationalism MUST be our people prostrating themselves before their King.

If Southern Nationalism ever ceases to be explicitly Christian, then it will cease to be Southern Nationalism. But if we repent and turn to Christ, by the Grace of Almighty God, I have a sure hope that Southern Nationalism has a bright future. A future not only for us, but a future for our children and progeny, a future for our people, a future for our nation – Dixie. And victory or damnation, we must fight this fight until the end, for our children, for our people, and for our God.

God Save the South

-By R.G. Miller

N.B. This article does not delve into the specifics of how to restore the Christian faith back to solid ground. However, subsequent articles by this author will deal with that subject in depth.

N.B. Parts of this content are taken from a transcribed speech given by the author at the 2017 Atlanta Forum.



  1. While talking to evangelicals, remind them of the difference between modern jews and Israelites. They get to thinking support for Israel has a Biblical basis to it. That serves the forces of political correctness and is a roadblock to America First national policy.

    1. I am, Mr. Farley, a Southron Evangelical, and, yes, i talk with my Zion-obsesst brethren all the time.

      The main problem is that, given that they worship the Yankee flag, it is easy for them to worship the Jewish nation – this because they are heavily conditioned to champion anyone but themselves and their own interests.

  2. I totally agree. To envision an independent South gutted of Christianity is a total waste of time.

    If we want to remain Satanick wastrels, steadied from our depressions and anxieties by daily psychotropia and God only knows how much else, we can remain the dogs of The Yankee Empire.

    No need to go to all the effort to revive a South, only to bury a stake in her throat as she rises.

    Those who fantasize about this are, unwittingly, the ultimate Empire cucks.

    P.S. Thank you for your service with The Arkansas League.

  3. 2 Chron 7:14 “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”