The Reluctant Southerner

I come from a Southern family. My ancestors fought against British occupation, then against the Yankee occupation both during the War of Northern Aggression and Reconstruction. We forged a place for ourselves that would later take our name. That was just my paternal side. My mother’s side of the family ran moonshine and resisted the Yankee occupation as well.

Unfortunately, as urbanization tends to lead, we forgot our way. We were swept up in “patriotism” toward the Federal Empire and fought in every conflict this side of 1900.

My parents were working class. They worked hard so that my brother and I didn’t meet the same fate as all the “rednecks” and “white trash” in the area we grew up in. We were raised in the incredibly cucked Southern Baptist Church. We were taught, through the incredibly unsound doctrine of dispensationalism, that Israel and the Jews are “God’s Chosen People” and must be protected at all costs. We were taught in school that Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves from those “evil” and “racist” Confederate traitors during the “civil” war. Our family’s “dark” history was kept hidden from us.

We were also taught respect, both for our elder kinsmen and the Lord God. My dad instilled in us an insanely strong work ethic. My mother taught us how to be gentlemen. I was a reluctant Southerner.

After dropping out of college, I started working blue collar jobs and put myself through trade school (which I almost got kicked out of because of false accusations of racism). I got married and have sired two children before the age of 26. I never wanted to be too old to play with my kids or to be able to relate to them.

I discovered libertarianism during my senior year of high school, after a stint of leftism. I believe this was during Ron Paul’s bid in 2008. As someone raised in a conservative Christian home, the elder Paul’s message resonated with me. Dr. Paul supported a return to literal constitutional government; this, of course, included state’s rights, which those “evil southerners” used to justify the retention of slavery. As I began reading into the idea of States Rights, I realized that everything I thought I knew was bullshit. The idea of leaving the states to do most of the governing is THE most important part of insuring the proper functioning of our free republic.

Image result for Ron Paul with Confederate flag
Ron Paul

For seven years, I watched the libertarian party devolve from a true party of freedom, where constitutional and economic ideas were freely discussed and pondered, into the party of drug addled sodomy. I embraced nationalism and traditionalism as a reaction to the libertarian party’s embrace of drugs, sex, and open borders. Strangely enough, however, my disdain for bankers and the United States’ tacit support of Israel made the JQ red pill relatively easy to swallow, even if I preferred to call them “globalists” instead of “Jews.” At this point in my life, I still could not move past the idea of an “American” race that could be adopted by anyone who wanted to uphold American values of freedom.

During the major chimp outs of 2014 and 2015, I was introduce to Taki’s Mag by a close friend, who ran one of the bigger esoteric National Socialist pages on Facebook. This led me toward the other red pills, which reminded me of my time in trade school and how I was automatically presumed to be guilty of racial intolerance just because I’m white. Then, I discovered the deepest rabbit hole of Alt-Right media, The Right Stuff and The Daily Stormer.

Even at this point, when I began realizing that I am a National Socialist and a huhwhite nationalist, I was reluctant to embrace my heritage as a Southerner.

After a few months of only listening to The Daily Shoah and Fash the Nation, I discovered Rebel Yell. It was a refreshing break from the shitpost fest that other TRS podcasts tend to devolve into. After a few weeks, I had listened to every episode at least once, most of them twice or more. The way in which Musonius articulated his views regarding the importance of Southern Nationalism forced me to rethink my role as a Southerner. All of the podcasts from Identity Dixie and Occidental Dissent have filled me with such a wealth of knowledge.

Needless to say, I am no longer reluctant to call myself a Southerner. I will no longer concede that the South is for anyone, but the White Man. We, as a Southern People, deserve our own homeland more than ANY group on God’s earth, and that land is Dixie. We must not be reluctant to stand up and say, “Dixie is our homeland, the homeland of the white man, the homeland of the Southerner, now, tomorrow, and forever.” Then, and only then, will we be capable of retaking everything.

-By Fashy Redneck